#Animal Welfare
Village of Mecosta, State of Michigan
United States of America

We save dogs lives from the clutches of high kill shelters or people surrendering their pets to high kill shelters. We socialize the dogs, maintain and love them until they are placed with loving homes. They are vetted fed and contained.

Someone complained to the village that we have excess of allowed dogs on our property because they do not like or want pit bulls which they deem dangerous despite the whole area being over ran with the breed. We are targeted because of the breed we choose to help.

Please help us make a change in minds of the Village counsel by support in numbers.

Stop harassing Georgie Hollenbeck in her plight to save these dogs lives. Her dogs are contained, maintained, fed properly, vetted and have never been on the loose.

The dogs with Georgie Hollenbeck are not allowed to run or become a nuisance, they are not outdoor dogs all are kept inside all are socialized and all are properly trained.

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