#Civil Rights
The Vatican, Christian Communities, pope, Civil Right Leaders, Religious Men And women, NGO's.

I am a young man of 34, seeking to Marry my 24 years old lover and friend (female), from the same Ibo Tribe in Nigeria. However, the parents of the girl have refused to give their consent for no other reason than the Osu Caste System. An archaic, barbaric and myopic segregation based on century-old myths.

Our lives are really in danger. I have been threatened severally by the family of my lover who are practicing Christians. From their utterances my lover is also facing the threat of honour killing.

This has been going on for three years now. I am looking for a way to get the family to agree to let us be. This I still see as an almost impossible task, but I believe God that nothing is impossible. Is there any way any one could help us.

All the efforts we have made to resolve this has not yielded any dividends. On flimsy excuse the parents have avoided summons from the church. At times they tend to shift the blame to their kinsmen.

This Osu caste system must be stopped in Nigeria and in the Catholic communities.

I have thought of eloping with my lover to a foreign country where we could lead a normal life, but we do not have the finance to make such move.

My petition is that the Vatican should do more to stop these kind of segregations. I am also appealing to any one who can, to do something to assist us. I and my Lover are graduates and are presently working.(menial jobs)

I and the undersigned call on the Vatican and Christian communities World wide to do more to stop these kinds of baseless segregation and targeting to destroy genuine love in the name of tradition.

Most especially, we appeal to anyone who has been touched by our predicament to assist in Wedding Us.

Thank you.

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