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The popular internet service company Yahoo! Inc. has recently begun testing a redesign of their web site. This is an unwelcome change and it is being forced on a unwilling and unsuspecting public.

This petition is a simple one, with one single goal. To stop Yahoo! from testing this new version of their popular internet website and from eventually replacing the current version with this abomination.

To see it for yourself simply type in on a computer and u will be directed to it. But i do strongly advise against. If you do choose to see it, please proceed with cation. The layout and color scheme is more than enough to bring a man to tears let alone a child or young adult.

As said before this is a simple petition and i will not make it overly complex. I believe that with enough public support we can show Yahoo! the error of their ways.

So i ask everyone who signs this petition to agree to stop using the web site in an all out boycott if they do not stop the testing of the new version of their site.

I also ask anyone who signs petition to spread it around through any medium they see fit, be it e-mail, social networking sites, instant messengers, message boards, internet forums, and any other way in order to spread this message.

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