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1. The Temple Mount Manifesto

Shockingly, every Israeli Government since 1967 has systemically denied the Jewish People of the right to pray and worship on the Temple Mount and Jews are routinely arrested and harassed for even attempting religious acts on the Mount. True, While Jews are allowed to visit the Mount 5 days a week, 4 hours a day, there are many restrictions.

This policy is in gross violation of Jewish and Democratic principles.

Copy&past the link below into your browser to read:
The TEMPLE MOUNT REPORT - The Denial of Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount.

2. Abolish CRA resolution

The S.J. Resolution 34 would permit any legal entity to purchase the web browser history of citizens from internet service providers. The American Citizens value their privacy and find it incredibly unconstitutional that their government would find it ethical/legal for anyone to purchase their internet activity. What a United States citizen does online, on their own time, is no business of the government, or anyone willing to pay a premium.

Furthermore, We all have all used the internet to determine if we or our loved ones should receive medical attention depending on the symptoms they may be exhibiting; and we find it highly unethical that anyone should be able to access our medical questions. We believe that if this bill is passed, there will be serious conflicts with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (aka HIPAA), which guarantees individuals confidentiality in regards to their health care.

The CRA's resolution is UN-American. We Americans find privacy one of the cornerstones of our great nation and we would be incredibly disappointed (especially during the election cycle) if this bill is approved in the house.

3. Petition To Support America's 45th President, Donald Trump

Petition To Support America's 45th President, Donald Trump.

Let's tell the electors that we have a voice and we voted for Donald Trump to be the next president.

Make America Great Again!


I am Always being Charge Unnecessary monies at the Ghana Customs or the Post Office(ACCRA -circle BRANCH), any time my family can pick up their packages.

5. Facebook erroneously Disabled Johnny Pisano's Facebook

New Like Page. Please join :

Johnny Pisano is a bass player for the Willie Nile Band @ he has a large Fan base and is one of the kindest persons I know. He also does acting in many film on TV and movies under director Martin Scorsese.

Facebook for no reason disabled his Facebook page saying it was for safety and security reason and their decision is final. This is so unfair and there is no way to reach them to say this was a big mistake and not true.

6. BOYCOTT Pandora Spotify Rhapsody until they PAY a fair Artists' Share

Monthly fee based internet streaming and mobile apps are killing independent Artists.

If your future is to be mae of original new sounds made by real music makers, show your support and BOYCOTT the streaming sites that refuse to compensate Artists justly.

Together we can make then change their policy and keep new music and ART alive.

7. Stop Ebola Now - Wake Up Australia


The worlds' most volatile disease is a global emergency and is not confined to African nations. This is no joke.

•The Spanish Flu killed 100 million people and had a fatality rate of 2.5%
•This nasty virus kills 25-90% infected and killed 52 humans in 2 days
•Ebola has a 2-21 day incubation period so people are like bombs; unaware they're contagious until it's too late so checking people's temperature at airports is useless
•Every Ebola patient passes the virus onto 2.5 others
•Many affected countries have run out of living doctors to fight the outbreak
•Hospitals and pharmacies closed on Tuesday 12th August as Sierra Leoneans panic
•If this epidemic remains "OUT OF CONTROL" in 2-3 months time 50,000 people will have the worlds' most gruesome virus and in 6 months,


We need to get our government to help those who can't help themselves.
This is an emergency. Liberia and Sierra Leone are some of the world's poorest countries due to war, normally without a crisis people fight for survival. Now their governments have stopped people from leaving their homes for 3-4 weeks WITHOUT GIVING THEM FOOD!! WHERE ARE YOU, MR. ABBOTT? We pay our taxes and are Australian citizens and you're allowing our family to suffer like this during an International Emergency. Keep in mind that there's hundreds of thousands of Africans here.

Sierra Leoneans from Sydney told me this catastrophy is worse than the 10 year "Blood Diamond" war because they said "You could tell where the rebels were and avoided them. With Ebola, a family member or local GP could kill them." That's if they have any relatives left after the brutal war or can afford a GP at all due to the aftermath. Many West African Australians have lost several family members due to Ebola and are worried about their families back home, suffering from stress, fear and high blood pressure. Now family members are going hungry adding to the pressure.

WE MUST STAND UP AND TAKE ACTION and be the voice for those in West Africa.
Our government is silent, sitting idle while Australian citizens' family members are dying. Let's be honest, if their relatives were English, our government would support them fully. I am disappointed in our government for displaying racism in this manner. Instead, we're searching for dead body parts of Australians from plane crashes and diverting attention away from the fact that this plague like virus is killing innocent people and it's an insult to remain silent. How dare we make other Australians feel like second class citizens- shame on us! How dare we discriminate. Inaction speaks louder than words. These people have gone through unfathomable situations and what, because they have African roots we brush our hands? Ebola is in Australia- scientists are studying it here but where are we helping the innocent people isolated in West Africa in the midst of this!!!!

We seem to be very focused on ourselves. The Chinese government gave medical supplies, the US and UK did too. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!! Please send emergency food drops to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. These are INNOCENT PEOPLE and IF OUR AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT DOES NOTHING, BLOOD IS OR THEIR HANDS!

With your signature, we will save the lives of MANY WITHOUT A VOICE.

8. How High 2

I have asked this question on Facebook and other social sites about the making of How High 2, and alot of people would love to see it. On Metacritic it recieved 8.4 out of 10 and on Amazon 4 out of 5 stars.

The only thing holding up the making of the movie is Universal Pictures owns the rights, if you guys dont want to take part in the making of the movie then at least release the rights so the movie can be filmed.

People at TMZ have asked about this also, also recieved 4.8 out of 5 stars.

9. Amend Moose license application regulations in New Brunswick

Mr. Northrup, it is time to make changes to the regulations regarding the application process to obtain a moose license.

We believe that if you do not fall under the Grandfather law that you should need to input your Possession & Acquisition license number when applying NOT your medicare number.

This would not only increase the legitimate hunters chance in the lottery pool but decrease the amount of un-experienced hunters in the woods.

To recover the loss of revenue from the applications that would no longer be submitted, we would agree to a hike in the cost of application.






11. Directe democratie

In België betalen we te veel belastingen en zijn we bovendien nog niet goed geregeerd. We hebben nood aan een sterke federale staat. Te veel belastingen dood de economie van het land. Laten we de kosten besparen op zaken die we kunnen veranderen zonder moeite

12. Speak Up! Speak Out! To Stop Sexual Abuse

Sharon R. Wells is a survivor of child sexual abuse. At age 14 she could no longer suppress the traumatic secrets of being abused. She felt alone, abandoned, damaged, guilty and responsible. The guilt and shame impacted her life in a very negative way. The deep embedded scars of abuse carried over into her adult life, causing much pain and suffering. Had resources been available for teens during that time, there is a great chance that she may not have experienced such life-long suffering. Sharon's story is just one of many who continue to suffer in silence because of sexual abuse.

There is an estimate of 60 million sexual abuse survivors that live amongst us in the United States of America. Because sexual abuse leaves victims feeling ashamed and guilty, most victims never tell. The secret torments them and causes life long suffering. Research has shown that the population of teenage abuse victims have been known to take their own lives, engage in drug and alcohol abuse, experience depression, rage, post-traumatic stress disorder amongst many others. If the trauma is not treated, some victims are doomed to repeat the cycle of sexual abuse.

The only way that we can save our future generations is by educating and empowering them to speak up and out. We must provide resources and support that will encourage them to break their silence and seek help and be aware of their surroundings.

13. Demand of immediate release of 2 citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan

“IRELI” Public Union operating in Baku, Azerbaijan, consisting 12 member organizations and over 25.000 young activists is submitting petition to the broad audience, NGOs, human rights defenders and young activists all over the world calling for the help to release two young Azerbaijani poets who were groundlessly accused and detained in the Islamic Republic of Iran more than two months.

“On 29th of April 2012 two Azerbaijani poets Farid Huseysn and Shahriyar Hajizade visited Islamic Republic of Iran in order to participate at the poetry festival. Soon after when they were planning to come back Azerbaijan on the 2nd of May in Tabriz city they were kidnapped and detained by persons in civilian clothes.

Two months has passed since unjustified detainment of Azerbaijani poets. In spite of the fact that within this period of time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan has already gave 5 letters of notes to the Iranian side but yet it has not given desired outcomes. Unfortunately Iranian authorities have not yet provided reasonable information about the reasons of detainment of Farid Huseyn and Shahriyar Hajizade.

Moreover, each attempt of meeting with detained citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran and Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tabriz was declined by Iranian officials. We would like to emphasize the fact that behavior of Iranian authorities is contradicting internationally admitted conventions and taking into consideration the fact that Iran is the member of UN and is part of the globally admitted civilization we find such behavior unreasonable and unjustified.

According to the information spread in Iranian mass media two Azerbaijani poets were detained because of accusation in illegal drug smuggling and in espionage to Israel. Furthermore, these media agencies also claim that two Azerbaijani poets made a confession regarding above mentioned accusations and Iranian officials has given related documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan found these claims groundless and denied the fact of getting any documents by Iranian officials.

We also turn to such organizations as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and to the human rights defenders who based in Azerbaijan to draw more precise attention to the current issue. The curios fact is that till this moment none of above mentioned organizations have not drawn up any protocol and document regarding violation of human rights of the citizens of Azerbaijan in Iran. We also would like to see any kind of appeal by local human rights defenders to the global area, foreign media representatives, and international organizations with their true voice of justice.

We wish to see Azerbaijani human rights defenders more active and sensitive in the case when it comes to protect the rights of two Azerbaijani citizens who were unreasonably detained in other country. We make an open call to everyone who cares destiny of innocent people in Azerbaijan and across the globe to join our appeal in order to protect rights of humanity in the face of Farid Huseysn and Shahriyar Hajizade and require their soonest release.

The time is ripe for this approach because for too long Islamic Republic of Iran has not only refused release of two Azerbaijani citizens, it has also continued to ignore and repeatedly reject attempts of Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tabriz to meet with detained Azerbaijani citizens.”


At the request made by the mother of a child sexual victim, the Judge at the High Court in Sri Lanka (Case No 39/2004), made a recommendation to the Attorney General to withdraw the indictment.

After considering all the facts involved and in view of the sheer severity of the damage that could cause to the victim in this particular case, the AG agreed to withdraw the charges. Unfortunately the news papers published the details of the case including false information violating the child's right to privacy and confidentiality, totally destroying the intentions of the courts and causing immense damage to the victim and her family.

This secondary victimization has severely damaged the victim without giving her the opportunity to rebuild her life.

15. Abolish law "felony non support"

The Government has enacted that it is a "felony" to "owe" child support in almost every state. In most states, If you were ordered to "pay an amount" in the "time stated", and failed to do so, and the amount has compiled to $5,000.00 or more in arrearages, that you are guilty of committing the crime of "felony non-support" punishable by up to 4yrs in prison.

There is NO DEFENSE of record to this charge, that even if you are disabled and cannot pay, you are guilty of the crime. This law needs to be abolished as it is frivolous to the rights of the people. The law by design was created to "extort" money from families, and to fund its institution!


Dear Torrid,

This is a petition for Hot topic, as I am one myself at the age of 14, you might not think this is important, but it is for most of the teenagers in Australia, we're begging for one but can't do anything about it, well, now I'm going to put in an effort to bring Hot topic to Sydney and everywhere else in Australia.

The stores here in Sydney are all the same pretty much, we want new things from around the world. Let there be a Hot topic in Australia.

17. Get rid of the points and levels system on yahoo answers

The points and levels system on yahoo answers is not necessary and it causes nothing but trouble. It causes chaos! It has a high range in which it takes A LOT of work to get your full rights.

It even limits some of the rights that you do have! I got an answer that said "thanks for the two points!'. They answered just to get points and didn't even answer the question! Here is the link that shows you the system:;_ylt=AjtxrNrLoJ6raGPmmJPBAizj1KIX;_ylv=3

We must ABOLISH it!

18. Bring Back Death Penalty In South Africa!

For the past fifteen years there has been a RAPID increase in murder, rape and all other incredibly savage acts and crime in general. South Africa is currently NUMBER ONE on in the world for murder, rape and all crime and therefore earned the name "CRIME CAPITAL OF THE WORLD".

More then THREE THOUSAND FARMERS have been murdered since 1994 and nearly more then 50 South Africans are murdered PER DAY! A BIG portion of that are CHILDREN that were RAPED TO DEATH!

These SAVAGES are seldom caught and only a few gets captured and convicted. Most of these murderers actually prefer being in jail. They receive clean beds, three meals and free education if they so desire.

This becomes another burden on the taxpayer. With other words the law-abiding citizens of South Africa actually are then the ones getting punished for the murderer 's heinous acts! More then 600 South Africans have actually successfully gained refugee status in other countries! HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS South Africans have already fled the country in fear of their lives! This resulted in the ultimate "Brain Drain" of the country.

Instead of keeping the LAW-ABIDING, EDUCATED citizens of South Africa IN the country, the Lack of the South African Government's involvement and lack of proper punishment has secured South Africa 's first place as a MURDER/RAPE/CRIME - CAPITAL IN THE WORLD!

I am of the strong opinion that Capital Punishment for murder should be reintroduced to South Africa! Amnesty International states that the Death Penalty 'violates the right of the life as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.' The question - What about the lives and rights of the victims? Were they not entitled to the Right of Life and Prohibition of Torture?

The person that takes the life savagely of another should no longer benefit from the protections afforded under any legislation. The failure of the government to actually ensure the citizens of South Africa a safer country is no longer expectable.

A Jail term is no longer a deterrent. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY IN SOUTH AFRICA! PLEASE VISIT our pages on FACEBOOK -


19. Yes to Retrieving Geocities

When Yahoo axed Geocities free websites on Oct 26th 2009, it managed to splinter the personal histories of millions of people who cut their designing and communications milk teeth on Geocities.

Our disbelief and disappointment have snowballed into a frustration which demands solutions acceptable to both Yahoo as well as ourselves.

20. Stop the new Yahoo homepage

The popular internet service company Yahoo! Inc. has recently begun testing a redesign of their web site. This is an unwelcome change and it is being forced on a unwilling and unsuspecting public.

This petition is a simple one, with one single goal. To stop Yahoo! from testing this new version of their popular internet website and from eventually replacing the current version with this abomination.

To see it for yourself simply type in on a computer and u will be directed to it. But i do strongly advise against. If you do choose to see it, please proceed with cation. The layout and color scheme is more than enough to bring a man to tears let alone a child or young adult.

21. Code Geass season 3

We want a season 3 in Code Geass, beceause the answer wasn't answered yet. Almost everybody knows that Lelouch is not dead ( the leading man ).

Please! I'm begging you to have another season of this anime...

22. Ask Google - Yahoo - MSN - Ebay to offer their services in Farsi

Ask Google - Yahoo - MSN - Ebay to offer their services in Farsi .There are more than 200000000 people around the world which speak and write in Farsi (Persian).

23. Lexington Transit Authority to provide transportation for our community

It has come to my attention that an elementary school has been built in one of the oldest sections of east Lexington. The school is located at Liberty Rd. and Star Shoot intersection.

Unfortunately there are not any public transportation services in close proximity to the school or the new community that has been built in the area. With education being one of our top priorities this bothers me as it should you. Young children with parent that have no accsess to transportation would have to miss a whole day of school if they had a doctors appointment in the early morning hours because th walk from Fortune Dr. to the school is about a mile and a half.

Speaking from a disabled person's point of view and church attendee I am also unable to make the walk. One morning I experienced the walk that was not only long but dangerous due to no side-walks or much lighting I feared for my life.

Do we really want our young and working poor to suffer like this when there is a feasible solution?


24. Get Shilpa Anand back

I am a viewer of Star One popular serial Dill Mill Gayye.

25. Super Junior come to the Philippines

Super Junior pls. visit our country. There are many fans waiting Super Junior to come in the Philippines. Charice Pempengco is very lucky because she already saw Super Junior in personal.

I'm your no.1 fan in the Philippines. I hope Super Junior will come in the Philippines soon.

26. Get the JB on Tyra Banks Show

Get the Jonas Brothers on The Tyra Banks Show because theyve been on like every other Show.

27. Do Not Sell YAHOO!

Yahoo! is used by millions of users, including me, I am completely against the sale of Yahoo to Microsoft, if Microsoft buys yahoo, they are going too change EVERYTHING including mail, messenger and everything, if we don't do anything now, every 1 person that signs can help stop yahoo selling up.

Yahoo is one of the best sites out their for both search and mail, if Microsoft buy it, they will change it too Windows Live and only give you half of what you get now, or maybe very little space for mail, you currently get unlimited mail...

If Yahoo sells, Yahoo is going too lose VERY many people!

28. Hold Coles and Woolworths accountable

Did you know that 85% of the products in the average Australian grocery trolley are made by foreign owned companies.

This results in 100 million a day going outside Australia. By comparison,in Japan, 98% of goods in supermarkets are owned by Japanese organisations. We need to turn this around and copy the Japanese comparison.Lets go even better than the Japanese lets aim for 100%.

29. MLS&E Company in Toronto Has Too Much Power over Hamilton getting a NHL Franchise

Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment alongside with the NHL Commissioners Gary Bettman has to much power over Hamilton Ontario gettinga NHL Franchise in the city.

30. 要求 Flickr 取消對香港之內容封鎖



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