Government of Canada, Imperial Oil, Conoco Phillips, Shell Canada, APG and Exxon Mobil

The Mackenzie Pipeline is a multibillion-dollar pipeline construction project which the federal government and gas companies have planned to transport the billions of cubic metres of oil and gas that have been found in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay and in Canada’s Mackenzie Delta.

The reasons that this petition opposes the Mackenzie Pipeline are outlined below:

1) The pipeline, which is planned to be built 6 feet above ground, will ruin the migration patterns of elk and caribou meaning they will not be able to get to the right food at the right time causing their population to slowly decline.

2) Building it in the proposed location will destroy one of the worlds last great pristine wildernesses.

3) The Mackenzie Pipeline’s proposed use is to acquire natural gas for vast quantities of natural gas are required in the Alberta oil sands operations. The gas is burned to create steam which is then injected underground to loosen the oil therefore allowing it to be pumped to the surface. The oil sands presently burn around 600 million cubic feet of natural gas a day. In a decade, as oil production doubles, it could rise to 1.2 billion cubic feet, which is about the planned capacity of the Mackenzie pipeline. In other words, the clean gas delivered by the pipeline would be used to create a dirty fuel, oil, which is intended to be burned in cars and SUVs.

We, the undersigned, strongly oppose and call on the government of Canada to strongly oppose the construction of the Mackenzie Pipeline.

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