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Hinchingbrooke Hospital was to be closed in 2006. I was the organiser or the Save Hinchingbrooke Hospital Campaign, the result was 1500 people marching through Huntingdon and a 55,000 signature petition which was delivered at No 10 Downing Street.

Now they want to Privatise the Management - this will mean that ALL staff will work for the private company and profits WILL be made for the Private company's shareholders....

Maternity and A&E ARE in danger of being cut!

We the undersigned oppose plans to hand control of Hinchingbrooke Hospital to a Private Health care Company, as we believe that this will take responsibility away from those closest to the hospital who are in the best position to run it.

We are particularly opposed to any move to allow any private organisation to operate such a franchise, as this will be a major step towards privatisation of an NHS hospital.

We call on NHS Cambridgeshire, East of England Strategic Health Authority and the Secretary of State to take the necessary action to prevent this happening.

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