#Law Reform
UK Goverment has to STOP the trafficking of children in UK
United Kingdom

When Justice is Rough it then, becomes Injustice,

This is in E N G L A N D...in the UK...not in Africa

UK Family justice is based on the logic of a single Judge WHO determines right or wrong in the situation…If the wrong one is stronger, then very quickly the quest for justice becomes an exercise of power using justice as an excuse.

In this light, the victim of injustice becomes even more a victim because there is an infinity of means to punish the weaker being always the child and her mother.

Fathers will never be weak. They will go and “take care of the situation” by killing the weak aka the family...

Authoritarian regimes submit logic and justice to their power. In primitive societies like tribes, clans, prison society, soldiers “authoritarian regimes” prevail, with the strong at the top and the weak at the tail.

In those societies, discipline is usually firm because punishment can be very painful. Rough justice is often disposed to cruelty beyond Human reason. This is exactly the primitive manner that Justice is "served" to Mothers and their children here.

International Campaign against killings and trafficking of babies and children in England, UK.

Condemn the brutal castration of a family and death of young girl whose only crime was to live and be alive. Salma was her name, 12 was her age

The authorities did not prevent this crime from happening. On the contrary, another girl of 12, merely survived a fall out of the window and a mutilation on her wrist. The Government is on denial.

Stoning a woman in public or remove her children for no reason does have the same ramifications: D E A T H

It is known that women in Kurdistan and Iraq are oppressed. The few rights they do have are very limited and in most cases they are treated as sub-humans.

This Statement above is applicable exactly to single mothers here in England under the Queen' eyes and ears..might be probably deaf and short sighted

Killings, suicide, and violence against women are an every day occurrence in this region. I mean, in England

The government's failure to protect women, and enforce laws against criminals, has created a situation where thousands of women and children become victims of so called. Domestic Violence has risen as result of patriarchal and Obsolete Roman Circus called Courts.

We strongly condemn these barbaric acts, and call upon all human rights and women's rights organisations, political parties, and activists in children and motherhood and globally to condemn these crimes.

In the 21st century, for such crimes to be carried out in broad daylight is not only a shame on society as whole, but most of all, it is a shame on a government that is unable to protect women and their children from such inhumane and backward laws.

We hold the British Government responsible for the lives and protection of women and their children in this region, and we believe that the brutalisation against mothers must come to an end.

We the undersigned therefore demand:

British Government brings the Professionals and Social Workers to justice and punishes them.

British Government should set laws against domestic terror inside the home and courts, killings and oppression of women and their children, and punish their potential criminals...their ex's before they kill.

To avoid this barbaric crime of removing children from their mothers. Instead provide in-house support.

To stop this Fostering Industry that is defragmenting the british society. Provide more to the need it who are : mothers and their children. Without mothers there will be no society .... comprende amigo ?

Carmen Cecilia SEMASKI
June 2008

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