Renfrewshire Council
United Kingdom

TESCO are proposing to open a giant 130,000 ft2, 24 Hour Tesco Extra store at Wallneuk Industrial Estate on Renfrew Road.

The development will be outside the town centre.

The store will be bigger than all other supermarkets in Paisley combined.

The site will cater for over 700 car parking spaces

As a Tesco Extra, it is set to be far bigger than an ordinary food retail outlet. It will turn over hundreds of thousands of pounds per week by selling close to a hundred thousand different goods, not just groceries, but clothing, electrical goods, entertainment goods and many other household items.

Stop Tesco Owning Paisley says that:

This development should be opposed on several grounds, some generally against supermarket development and some specific to the proposals for Paisley.

1. The proposal is against the local plan, the part that aims to maintain the vitality of the town centre

2. It will cause a net loss of jobs as local businesses close because of loss of trade

3. It will harm the local economy as capital is taken out of the local area for the profit of Tesco

4. It will cause serious traffic congestion in the Renfrew Road area

5. Tesco already enjoy a third of the retail sector and encouraging them to expand will harm the environment, weaken the economy and encourage abuses of the planning system.

6. The proposals encourage people to use cars and this will increase carbon emissions

7. Tesco have been blamed for the demise of British food production.

8. Tesco has been accused of corporate crimes, including: slave labour, union busting, gangmasters, illegal logging amongst many others and as such are not only harmful to human beings and the environment, but set a bad example for other corporations.

9. At a time when peak oil is about to make food supply very difficult. The authorities should be concerned with localising food supply, or at the very least supporting local producers. Tesco sources food from all over the world and transports it at a huge carbon cost.

10. Tesco are known for building stores, then when all the little stores around it shut and people move away, Tesco closes business, leaving a Food Desert.

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