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Abuse of power is a problem often faced by those appointed to guide others. This is very evident in the school education system. Teachers continuously decide to undermine their students which not only affects a student's school life, but additionally affects their personal life. Corruption of those who guide leads to enormous damage to the one being guided. Lots of students are terrorized daily by teachers in search of authority. Many of these terrorizers also make their bullying public to other students, which in turn can lead to even more severe bullying of students. Worse of all students often feel scared to report their bullying as they feel like the cannot trust another educator, or even they may believe their bully may lower their grade scores. This corrupt system creates a negative environment for students which can destroy their lifestyles. My goal is for the

We the undersigned aim to end abuse of power and make all children to feel they are in a safe trustworthy environment when associating with their teacher as well as classmates.

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