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Court TV is a widely watched network that millions of viewers turn to for facts in major criminal trials and as such needs to stop convicting defendants on the airwaves before the trials are ever completed.

In the Scott Peterson Trial their anchors broadcast a multitude of unfounded rumors and opinions daily rather than the actual facts as presented in the Courtroom testimony. the viewers have a right to hear the truth and not the rumors reported daily on the trial watchers and Catherine Crier.

The court tv anchors have endeavoured to taint public opinion against Scott Peterson and try him in the media rather than allow the defendant a right to a fair trial. this is an ongoing issue that needs to stop immediatly.the right to the a fair trial is Paramount and as such should be respected for all defendants by Court tv.

Please sign this petition asking Court TV to cease the unfair trial by media they are practicing daily.

We petition Court TV to stop practicing unfair trial by media reporting and to start reporting actual facts rather than rumors and embellishments of facts.

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The Stop reporting opinions as facts in Major crimininal case petition to Courttv.com was written by Darlene Royer and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.