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If you've heard of neopets.com or seen its commercials in "Lunchables" or on other TV commercials, you know about the greatest virtual pet site on the internet. Well, this site is as great as it seems.

Neopets is a well-patrolled kid's website that makes sure no profanity is exposed on the site, but they are prejudiced against the Christian religion and all related Christian things including Christian guilds (kind of like clubs), Christian users, Christian shops, and many Christian banners in the shops, but allow Wiccan, Muslim, and other religious things on the site. Even if you are not Christian, you know that it is wrong for neopets to not allow us to express our beliefs. In the United States it is the law that we are allowed to express are beliefs on the internet and anywhere else. neopets is a bad example for kids, teaching them to be mean to other people for their religion, color, or any other thing about a person. That's what started the Holocaust! Hitler was taught to hate! WE CAN'T ALLOW THIS!!! STOP NEOPETS ABUSE!!!

We, the undersigned users and nonusers of neopets, would like to petition www.neopets.com to stop the abuse to not only Christian users, but all other users suffering harm. Stop Neopets Abuse!

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The Stop Neopets Abuse of Freedom of Religion! petition to www.neopets.com was written by Monica S. and is in the category Religion at GoPetition.