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What is Selective Media? News and Media in today’s society don’t portray everything that occurs with equal coverage.

For example, a lot of news and media don’t show to the audience all of the deaths of American soldiers or civilians that are being killed. News stations try to avoid these events by showing the audience other news that don’t have to do with the war that is currently going on in today’s world.

During a study that looked at how different races/ethnicities were broadcasted at sports events such as the Olympics, Asian athletes were depicted by the commentators by cultural stereotypes.

For the 1993 World University Games, a white commentator guided the viewers throughout the whole thing, rather than having racial equality on the broadcast.

These are some examples of how media and news are sometimes racially unequal at sport events such as the Olympics.

Selective Media is used by groups to manipulate people's understanding and opinions of certain matters.

During and preceding a presidential debate, for example, different news sources will describe what happened in different ways to promote the candidate or make them look bad. With these biased news sources people's rights to freedom of opinion are infringed.

By signing this petition you are supporting the liberation of your thoughts.

No longer will you be forced to believe something based on what news source you read.

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