#Human Rights

So much grief in this world is due to male brutality, in all its manifestations, towards animals, children, women, people & populations, and the environment. Something has to be done!

Hello everyone

There is a common denominator in all acts of abuse across the world....MEN! It is the human male who is guilty of most incidents of animal abuse, child abuse, abuse of women, population abuse, and environmental abuse. He is the principal cause of the grief that surrounds us all, wherever we live.

The 'Animal Legal Defense Fund' in the USA publishes an annual report ranking those States of America with the best and worst animal welfare legislation. It is a powerful and persuasive organization which can, and does, change State legislature to improve the lives of animals in the USA.

We need an equally influential organization to target all categories of abuse WORLDWIDE. It should endeavor to rank each country according to its level of respect for its animals, its children, its women, its population and its environment. Governments which do little or not enough to protect these groups from abuse by men, or which are indeed implicitly involved in that abuse, must be held accountable.

Therefore a WORLDWIDE LEAGUE-TABLE OF ABUSE or RESPECT needs to be created, and published annually online for all to see . If you agree, please sign

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