#Animal Rights
L'Oreal cosmetics and products

LO'real is one of many companies that refuse to stop testing on animals. They perform experiments such as; blinding kittens, injecting cosmetics into dogs, mice, rats, cats, rabbits, guineapigs, and loads more, de-barking dogs (removing their voice) and so many more inhumane torturous ways!

As a quick and cheap way of killing small animals, their heads are cut off with scissors, and they recieve no pain killers at all.

Why is it that if you ask a laboritary animal tester, why they test on animals, they reply "because they are like humans, and we need to see if products are safe on humans," but when you ask why they should test on animals, if they are so like humans, they say "Because they are not the same as humans!!" this is wrong and scientists know it!!!

We, the undersigned, demand that LO'real cosmetics and products stop animal testing. We believe animal testing is cruel and unnessecary, as humans are in no way the same as an animal, apart from that they feel pain, and have feelings such as love and fear!

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