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Late 2014, Sony Pictures' personal files were hacked and leaked to the public after their release of the upcoming film, The Interview. Facing threats from the hackers threatening to expose further secrets and possible 9/11 like attacks on theaters, Sony decided to pull the release of the film.

The Interview mocks North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Cinemas in the US cancelled screenings of the film.

We believe that International Governments should not censor films, because creative directors should have the freedom to make the film of their choice.

We would like to see an agreement made between all countries, which states their agreement to not retaliate against another when lampooned or satirized. For example, Sony had to pull the release of the film from cinemas in the United States after being threatened by hackers.

Our petition would prevent creative directors from facing hardships for showcasing their creations to the public.

We are fighting for the present and future movie creators freedom to create the movie they want to produce.

After viewing our petition, we hope that you spread the word through social media. By doing so, we are hoping to reach the people we specifically need, the leaders of the International Government.

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