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Banana Shire Council

Banana Shire Council is looking to proceed with the fluoridation of Biloela's and Moura's town water. This petition aims to stop this dosing system from being used on the grounds of cost, health risks and the taking away of ‘informed consent’.

• To operate the fluoridation dosing system it is estimated it would cost rate payers $70 000 a year, plus the additional cost of training staff to ‘safely’ operate the system.

• Fluoride is a toxic poison and it does not decrease tooth decay. There are no blinded studies to show a decrease in tooth decay when the water is fluoridated; however, there are studies to show harm from fluoridating the water. There is increased risk of hip fracture, birth defects, cancer, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction, and the lowering of a person's IQ. Even if fluoride did reduce tooth decay, would it be worth the risk?

• Putting fluoride in the community water takes away ‘informed consent’ and obstructs the freedom to opt-out.

If you do not wish to see fluoride added to our drinking water please sign this petition. For further information I highly recommend The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson that chronicles the entire sad tale.

In the synopsis, fluoride is very important in making the atomic bomb, and in many aspects of industry. It is needed for making steel, aluminium, high octane gasoline, pesticides, Teflon, bricks, fertilizer, drugs like Prozac, and on and on.

We, the undersigned, call on the Banana Shire Council to refrain from implementing the Fluoridation dosing system for Biloela's and Moura's town water supply.

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