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Do you want to help STOP further ways for convicted criminals and hackers to intrude into our families & social circles?

The effects that something like Facebook has on all our societies, throughout many countries and their cultures, is of great importance.

When we consider major issues in our legal systems, communities & countries as a whole, we obtain an already gray picture that seems to continuously fade into black. This blackness represents our values, standards and human rights as a whole.

Facebook (as nieve as we all sometimes are) is damaging our lives from something as small as persistent messages and advertisment, right the way through to the biggest issues such as data protection, child abuse, rape & MURDER!

I'm not sure is you have noticed but this "ever growing" culture that insights all kinds of marriage/relationship break-ups and even bullying in our schools, is slowly taking over our general way of life. The schemes that facebook presents are most evil as they come in forms of entertainment and communication, very subtly sucking in our children, wives, husbands, fathers, & mothers to spend increasing amounts of time "stuck" the screen, presenting ever more tempting opportunities for people to indulge themselves in fantasies (good/bad) which have huge side affects. Boundaries according to cultural and sociological criteria shouldn't be broken by way of deliberately enticing people to do so just to line their own pockets.

I feel these affects need to be addressed and considered when deciding the functionality of something thats so easy to cease but can obtain uncontrollable amounts of power......I'm not 100% religiously inclined in any direction but I know...

If there is a Devil, Facebook would definitely be a useful tool for the destruction of society as we know it.

I implore all who have equal concerns and appreciation for what little goodness we have left in society to sign this petition, for facebook to be either regulated by sign-up fee (to reduce use) or to be taken off the world wide web completely.

Please use the link below as a prime example of the above statement. This is one of many stories of stricken lives due to Facebook.

:---> http://news.uk.msn.com/uk/article.aspx?cp-documentid=149478176

The issue is not governed by LAW but by each other! We Can STOP This silent manipulation!

We must not allow this entity to crush our desires for a better society and for the traditional, idilic lives we aspire to; to fade into a distant memory.

Thank you for your time and effort reading this petition :)

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