#Neighborhood Living
United States of America

Electric and Gas companies are charging every consumer resident almost 80% more to use electricity and gas services. Your actual monthly usage is low but once your utility company adds on their taxes, recovery and delivery fees your bill is triple the amount and it is unfair.

MPSC (Michigan Public Service Commissions) has given your utility company permission to constantly increase their rates thereby charging you (the consumer), the same amount of charges they would bill restaurants, hospitals, your local shopping malls, government buildings,etc. This should be considered discrimination.

With the economic downturn and the recession the United States is facing, it should be unconstitutional to rob citizens in such a hard, economically destroyed country. Sign this petition to get the rates, taxes and fees lowered to a fair and just amount decreasing your bill by 60%. Say no to paying the same amount of charges as businesses vs. residential.

We as Michigan consumers request a reduction in utility rates. We are asking the Michigan Public Service Commission to lower their fees and to recognize the economic downturn this country is facing.

We should not be charged almost 80% to use electrical and gas services. Electric and Gas is a necessity and greed should not be a factor.

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