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Congress has now voted itself a total of $16,700 in raises over the last six years. Since 1990, congressional pay has increased from $98,400 to $154,700 in 2003.

"Members of Congress have the only job in the country whose occupants can set their own salary without regard to performance, profit, or economic climate," said Tom Schatz, president of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste in a press release. "Clearly, members must think that money grows on trees.

"This underserved pay raise is no surprise, as the 108th Congress has shown a voracious appetite for spending," Schatz concluded. "It goes to show how out of touch with reality politicians can be. They forget that their salaries are paid by taxpayers. Americans are being forced to tighten their belts—if they even have a job—yet members of Congress will have an extra $3,400 to do with as they please.

We the undersigned request immediate action to rescind authority to self regulate benefits and salary increases for the congress and all related agencies.

This petition is to urge you to take immediate action to rescind all authority for the Congress to establish raises and the administration of their salaries.

Such salaries shall be placed on the ballot each presidential election and only by majority will an increase be approved.

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