#Roads & Transport
Bond University, www.bond.edu.au

This petition created on Friday 19th of August is aimed at the institution of Bond university for there continuous towing of students automobiles.

This action which is becoming of greater significance should be stopped as it is not only costing students a hefty price of $250 but also distracting them from there overall studies. The university should adopt a 'warnings' system, whereas Bond University could, rather than tow cars, leave some form of warning to the person's car.

This petition has particularly arisen due to the university's lack of awareness when towing automobiles during the University's exam week. For example; A student is late to an exam so he parks with not thinking in an appropriate area due to his focus on getting to the exam on time.

That student should not leave his/her exam to find no car and a fine of $250 whilst having the burden of further exams to study for during that week.

Bond University's approach of enforcing the towing of car's inappropriatly parked should be stopped and re-considered due to its effect on the students, who are generally there to learn there degree not learn how to pay absurd parking fines and towing fees.

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