#Students' Rights
Broward School Board
United States of America

Facing a $100 million deficit, the Broward School Board debates their options for cuts. The cuts suggested by district staff included cuts to art, music, and physical education at the grade school level.

It's time to stop putting children on the back burner! It was bad enough when they cut our funds, now they want to cut our children's programs.

We need to stand up for our children and fight! Especially when the board is wasting money on an upcoming recruiting drive in New York. Superintendent James Notter and the School Board approved taking out an ad in the New York Times and agreed to send "recruiters" to the Big Apple to search for new employees.

Why are we recruiting in NY when we have approximately 800 teachers statewide which were laid off last year!

"We, the undersigned, call on the Broward School Board to stop cuts to art, music, and physical education at the grade school level."

Our children love art, music and physical education. It is a special part of their day and we need to continue with these programs.

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