The Honorable Kevin Rudd (FM)

The involvement of Australian politicians in a "flotilla" which aims to encourage and support terrorism under the guise of humanitarian aid should result in the removal of their rights to run for any political position Australia.

They intend, like the last anti-israel provocation, to engage in illegal warfare with a foreign military (Israel) which is illegal. The red cross has stated that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and indeed Gaza has the highest standard of living and mortality rate in the entire arab world.

We must tell these MP's and the Australian government how disgusted we are with the involvement of the greens Sylvia Hale and Labors Lynda Voltz. The 2010 Flotilla resulted in the deaths of 9 IHH terrorists.

We the undersigned, citizens of Australia, call on the Foreign Minister to restrict and refuse the involvement of Australian MP's in the Gaza bound, terrorism supporting Flotilla due to depart in July 2011.

The Red Cross and other regarded NGO's have stated that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Any flotilla is a provocation to engage the Israeli military in an attempt to defame and delegitamize Israel, a sovereign member state of the UN. Such involvement should be considered as support for a proscribed terrorist organization (Hamas) and is punishable under Australian law.

The overt plans for MP's Voltz and Hale to board the flotilla should be stopped by the Australian Government or their ability to be involved in Australian politics removed.

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