#Civil Rights

HARD COPY OF THIS EXACT TEXT CAN BE FOUND AT www.kaURna.webs.com I encourage all Australian residents to download the PDF hardcopy, collect a few signatures (no address needed) and return as per the PDF. There is NO citizenship requirements to sign the hardcopy or electronic petition, however Australia's Parliament won't accept the electronic format, only hardcopy.

Point ONE(1):
The intent to to stop enforced segregation of harms which could take a victim their entire adult life or well over 30 years to progress through the civil courts or otherwise logistically impossible for one person to deal with.
Stalking and assault and torture and surgery without legal authority are all unlawful in Australia, they all carry the potential of lengthy penal sentencing under criminal law, however Australian legislation has one huge loophole that forces a victim of these crimes to prosecute each single incident separately under civil or common law (state) or human rights treaties (federal or High court). That is if you are stalked by say 20 persons and police refuse to investigate each one and each of the 20 individuals assault you in separate incidents you have to prosecute each separately as unconnected events despite evidence that strongly suggests they are connected as one crime. Unlike the treatment of defamation, there is no allowance to deem multiple assaults as one stalking event that generates many incidents.

Point TWO (2):
The intent is to remove the expectation that only an "expert" is be legally entitled to define the existence of a foreign item a radiology film. Presently you must have a signed letter from a medical practitioner to say you have a hatchet poking out of your head if you want it removed, that is to say in the event that you do have a hatchet poking out of your head which you also want removed.

Point THREE(3):
Jane is being stalked by many persons, most are strangers to her or persons she knows but is unaware they are the stalkers. The stalkers have caused Jane to be considerably surgically raped the evidence is in radiology diagnostic film funded by Medicare Australia between 2005 and 2010 inclusive. The film has been falsely interpreted on paper omitting to describe foreign items inside Jane that are very clearly seen in the film. The stalkers have falsely defamed Jane. The question of did the surgical rape of defamation come first is insignificant in the presence of the fact that both are considerably criminal, more so if there was premeditation and where both exist concurrently and begun around the same period of time then clearly there was premeditation.

Point FOUR(4):
The "choice" to investigate or not investigate a crime is removed as an option for a law enforcement official. That Federal police refuse to investigate these crimes against the Commonwealth of Australia then there is clear evidence that police are amongst the stalkers. Police should seen in legislation in a different light from the rest of us insomuch as they should have less room for error as they have more trust. Police should never be allowed to refuse to investigate any crime. It should not be up to police to choose what crime they want to investigate because that leaves individual police department "law enforcement" "public officials" open to be contracted by any third party as tools of stalkers. Under the present system of Australia police governance career criminals must presently be employed as senior police and aspiring cadets and everywhere in-between. Law enforcement officers are not necessarily police officers.

Point FIVE(5):
No land-line telephone number should be allowed to be blocked - as a society of humans who are defined as the superior race on earth because we are able to speak then we MUST all have full confidence in the ability to identify a person we encounter through verbal communication. If someone wants to preserve their telephone privacy they can call on a public phone. In these days of technology awareness rampant identity theft and sophisticated electronic crimes and the expectation that all government public officials must be accountable under statute, public official anonymity is totally unacceptable.

In 2011 just about every commonwealth of Australia department land-line telephone has it's number blocked from the persons they are calling, they expect you to divulge personal information under these circumstances.

This petition of the undersigned draws to the attention of the House that presently;

• If while stalked by a thousand persons each assault you in separate events, you can be forced to prosecute each separately, deemed a vexatious litigant during the process and excluded from prosecuting all assaults.
• If you have say a hatchet protruding from your brain before this foreign item is removed you must first have permission from a registered medical practitioner.
• Statute fails to recognise the threat of surgical rape with AIMD Class electronics.
• Law enforcement officers can choose not to investigate any offence against the commonwealth or deem serious crime as baseless frivolous or without merit.
• By common practice Commonwealth departmental policy imparts avoidance of face-to-face communication, concealment of departmental physical locations and direct telephone numbers, despite prevalence of identity theft.

We therefore ask the House to:-
1. Create a legal tool kit to enable a layperson to prosecution the Commonwealth without legal assistance, on human rights infringement.
2. Allow residents their intrinsic right to self determine removal of foreign items from their own person.
3. Specifically outlaw existing and future potential surveillance devices implantable by injection or surgery.
4. Define a fool-proof four point general criteria that expresses what parliament believes constitutes a crime against the commonwealth which in turn creates a statutory obligation upon any law enforcement public official to investigate such crime without exception.
5. Specifically outlaw suppression of caller identification numbers during communications from public officials.

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