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Apollo Borough Property Owners
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Apollo Borough is a small town with mostly non-wealthy residents. The Apollo Borough Council decided to put some Ordinances into effect that is totally unethical and discriminating to the local property owners. Here is one example:
Vacant Property Registration Fee Schedule (if a property is not a residence, rented or running a business the borough charges $35-40 fee for an inspection [invasion of personal privacy] in an attempt to find something that they can complain about and charge property owners to fix within a specific short time as the council determines) and if the property isn't inhabited:
less than one year the fee is $250
1 year vacant the fee is $500
2 years vacant the fee is $1000
3-4 years vacant the fee is $2000 each year
5-9 years vacant the fee is $3500 each year
10 years vacant the fee is $5000
An additional $500 will be applied for every year of vacancy beyond 10 years!
This even includes property that is being used as a storage garage - totally unethical!

There is a lot more that the GREEDY council is trying to get out of the property owners in Apollo but too much to add in this location. It is all about GREED! and is destroying the peaceful residents and property owners of our small town. Many just don't have that kind of money to waste on nothing by being forced to pay exorbitant fees to Apollo Borough Council. This has got to STOP!

No More Invading Privacy, Harassing People & Ripping Off Property Owners.

We, the undersigned, petition Apollo Borough Council to remove the Ordinance No. 267-15 and Ordinance 272-16 plus any additional ordinance that requires Apollo Borough property owners to pay exorbitant fees simply because a property is vacant / not inhabited.

Nobody can force someone to rent a property and businesses take tons of money to start up. The Apollo Borough Council is defeating the purpose by taking the money needed to do repairs and start-up businesses! Property Owners: don’t want to pay taxes, etc. on properties without return (ROI) ... we want to make our property the best it can be... it takes time and money! WHY would Council want to destroy those options for property owners? REMOVE the Unethical Ordinances mentioned above and START encouraging property owners instead. The economy has not been conducive to progress but hopefully the new Administration will be much better.

Let’s work together – not apart / against each other.

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