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1. Justice for Nancy Bailey

Nancy Bailey, a 64 year-old U.S. citizen, humanitarian and child advocate in Guatemala needs our advocacy. She has saved the lives of and provided brighter futures for thousands of Guatemalan children over the last 26 years. She is currently fighting for her own future, wrongly accused of child trafficking.

Adoption has become criminalized in Guatemala due to grossly inaccurate blanket accusations that all adoption providers and practices were corrupt. In a country wrought with poverty and corruption, an individual is considered and treated as guilty until proven innocent. It will be nearly impossible for Nancy to receive a fair trial without U.S. intervention.

Background :

-For 26 years, Nancy Bailey has been in service to the children of Guatemala providing a loving safe haven at her children's home, Semillas de Amor (Seeds of Love)
-Semillas de Amor is a model for excellent care for orphaned and abandoned children - with low caregiver ratios, good schooling, and counsel for children dealing with the trauma of abandonment.
-Semillas de Amor has placed many children into permanent families through international adoption
-Despite adoptions closing in 2009 and losing adoption related income, Nancy remained steadfast in her life's work to keep Semillas de Amor open for the children in her care
-While out of the country briefly in 2012, Nancy was charged with child trafficking when the Guatemalan authorities raided Semillas de Amor and her personal home
-The charges are based on alleged irregularities found in 3 cases at Semillas de Amor
-Nancy returned to Guatemala in December 2014 to be with her children despite knowing she would likely be arrested
-For the first 16 months of her incarceration (without a trial), Nancy was on house arrest with no supervision
-For the last year, Nancy has been detained in prison with a few intermittent hospital stays due to fibromyalgia and respiratory issues
-Nancy had continued to fundraise to keep the home open despite her unjust incarceration and failing health
-Over the last two years, Nancy’s health and spirits have deteriorated greatly while the children of Semillas are being raised without their "mother"

In addition to the unjust treatment thus far, we have many reasons to believe Nancy Bailey will not receive a fair trial in Guatemala:

- Mass corruption in the Guatemala judicial system - Guatemala currently ranked 40th most corrupt nation (out of 176)
- Anti-American sentiment in Guatemala
- The criminalization of adoption via the grossly inaccurate blanket accusations that all Guatemalan-U.S. adoptions are corrupt

2. Demand that Minors Can't Give Away their Babies in Secret

Asking Mr. Trump when he takes office to create an executive order stating no minor can give away her baby in secret.

3. Demand Original Birth Certificates are Unsealed

We are asking Donald Trump when he takes office to unseal original birth certificates and give them back to all adoptees aged eighteen and older.

Adoptees are treated as second class citizens by not having their original birth certificates in most states. Since an original birth certificate is a Federal piece of paper it can be unsealed at the federal level.

Original birth certificates are not sealed because of birthparent privacy (a sugarcoated way to make the adoptee a dirty secret and not a human being) and in fact birthparent privacy does not exist contrary to the myth told by the adoption industry.

An original birth certificate is not sealed until the adoption is finalized, so if a baby is given away for adoption and ends up growing up in foster care he keeps his original birth certificate making privacy null and void. If it were about privacy they'd be sealed at birth.

4. Friends of the Palo Alto Animal Shelter

Palo Alto Animal Services operates from a small group of buildings that were constructed in 1972. The facilities have served their purpose, but after 43 years, the shelter is functionally obsolete and no longer serves Palo Alto's animals as it should.

The shelter in Palo Alto should follow the examples of other shelters in the Bay Area and construct accommodations for the animals that feel like "home," keep the animals calm, and show them at their best when potential adopters visit.

5. Singapore to offer adoption of Palestinian children

I appeal, as a citizen of Singapore to all Singaporeans and to relevant ministries; to help the Palestinian children facing what seems to be, a genocide.

I urge the Singaporean government to offer adoption of Palestinian children to Singaporean families.

I ask the government to help finance the adoption process, I.e travel, adoption and legal costs.

Palestinian children are dying and the world is watching. Are we, as a country ready to watch and NOT take any action? Let's stand together and help these poor innocent children. I urge you to sign the petition and spread the word as much and as far as you can.

6. Bring Change to the Adoption Process

Help bring awareness to the large number of potential adoptive parents that drop out of the adoption process due to the discouragement -feelings of being alone and lost- encountered in their search.

We are A Family For Every Child, a nonprofit organization in Eugene, Oregon, formed and developed into an organization focused on finding permanent and loving adoptive homes for all waiting children.

Our intention is to develop programs that assist special- needs/challenging-to-place foster children in finding their own Forever Families. It has been brought to our attention many times of the struggles that parents seeking to adopt face and ultimately drop out due to many factors during the process. This fact is very upsetting and we want change!

Potential hopes are the creation of regualtions that support and facilitate during the process with improvement in ICPC for families.

Please sign our petition to bring awareness to this issue and share your story!

7. Open Florida Adoption Records

We, the citizens of the great state of Florida, recognize that many of its citizens and those born in the state are adopted.

We also recognize that freedom of information, with all regards given to government secrets, is essential in keeping one's health at optimum, and adopted children do not have access to such records.

We recognize the age of adulthood as 18 Years, and the statute of limitations for many things, plus the 70 year delay in Census information data.

We do not deserve to be kept ignorant of our family and its past.

8. Support an Adoption Accountability Act

This petition will help create a bill that will allow adoptees to obtain important, and sometimes critical, personal and medical information about their health history. Every individual should have the right to information that affects their health if it is available.

Not having access to this information robs the adoptees of critical information which could put them at increased risk of disease and mortality. Adoptions can sometimes cause; behavioral, mental and emotional problem for adoptees (even when they are happy with their adoptive family) which is magnified by the lack of personal health information. This bill (if passed) will help make adoption less painful and complicated for adoptees.

It is typically very difficult for adoptees to get: family history, medical history, ethnic background and circumstances of adoption information which could negatively impact their health and well-being. This bill will help make it easier for them to get that information.

9. Stop barbaric laws marriage laws (marriage to adopted daughters) in Iran

Islamic mullahs in Iran changing the law about adopted girls and according to new law a man as a step father can marry his adopted daughter.we got to stop such a barbaric laws. There are thousands of orphan children's who may be used and sexually abused by their step parents with a barbaric law supporting them and and supporting pedophilia.

فاجعه غير إنساني ديكر در جمهوري إسلامي
قانونی شدن ازدواج با دختر‌خوانده‌ها در ایران...

10. Support the adoption of cats

Cats are wonderful animals who don't get as much attention as dogs. They are often ignored at animal shelters and deserve lifelong homes.

11. Let's make Beta known for much more people

Respect for life, whether animal, plant or human on this planet. Citing Beta's homepage "It's their planet too".

Have you heard of Beta? The following true story is worth of telling and sharing...

Also animals are affected by the circumstances in the post civil war in Beirut.

Thanks for the valuable work of Beta, Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals a safe haven for animals was established in difficult times.

Beta's important tasks are finding homes for animals, taking care of the homeless cats, dogs and other animals, rehabilitation, how to treat animal ethical and spreading awareness about animal welfare, to mention some.

12. Abolish Vetos for South Australian Adoptees

In 1988, the South Australian Government enacted changes to the Adoption Act. The new act changed the way adoptions were handled in this state. From 1988, in recognition of the emotional harm caused to adoptees by the pre-existing closed adoption laws, all adoptions were, by default, open. This allowed adopted people to have access to identifying information about their birth parents, thus providing a sense of identity, access to personal medical information, and opportunity, where desired, to reunite with their birth parents.

Unfortunately, this legislation was not retrospective and consequently 158 South Australian adoptees are denied access, by veto, to any identifying information.

We need your support to change this denial of the basic human right to know who we are.

13. Support BreedeValley SPCA

The BreedeValley SPCA is facing a major crisis. The National SPCA wants them to close their doors on the 10th of May 2013 already. Gerda Du Toit has launched a petition to stop this from happening.

The second request is to help the SPCA lower their debt. If you could find it in your heart to spare some money to help them, their bank details are:

Breedevallei DBV;. FNB, Takkode 200407; Rek 54330149913

If you know of a company (or own a company) who can perhaps sponsor a bit more, I'm sure the SPCA would be eternally greatful as will all the animals they help.

Once the Breedevallei SPCA closes its doors and there is no one to take care of all those animals and we finally realise what all they did, I don't want to be one of those people who says: "I wish someone had done something" when I can be one of those people now.

14. Support Texas House Bill 201

The bill proposes an amendment to the Health and Safety code of supplemental birth certificates. The code currently reads that the birth certificate must be in the names of the adoptive parents “one of whom is male and one of whom is female." This wording excludes same-sex parents.

Changing the wording to “in the names of both adoptive parents” allows both parents, regardless of gender to have established parentage. The bill would allow the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics to place the birth certificate in both parents’ names.

15. Allow Americans to adopt in Russia

Americans should be able to adopted babies/kids from Russia.

Who cares what happened in the past, it's time to move on.

16. Voice of the Child

On December 20, 2012, I Alexander D'Jamoos created Voice of the Child in response to legislation in Russia which would end intercountry adoption and take away the chance that many children have to live in a safe family. This is my letter to President Putin.

Dear President Putin,

My name is Alexander D’Jamoos. I am 21 years old. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin where I am planning to major in Government and International Relations.

I was born in Russia with deformed hands and legs, which prevented me from walking. I grew up in a state orphanage for children with physical disabilities in Nizhniy Lomov. At the age of 15, I was lucky to be adopted by a loving family in Dallas. It is because of my experience that I, like thousands of other adopted children throughout the world was in shock by the passing of the Anti-Magnitsky Law by the Russian parliament. The law, which bans international adoption of Russian orphans by American citizens, victimizes the estimated 800,000 orphans in Russia.

Throughout my childhood I had never expected to be loved by a family. My biological parents had left me in the hospital because of my disabilities. My orphanage housed about 100 children, all of whom were physically disabled and had been neglected by their parents. Some of the horrible conditions at the orphanage included no heating during harsh winters, lack of hot water during summer-time, rudimentary education, lack of sanitary facilities, inadequate accessibility equipment, and the worst of all, lack of love and care. Like millions of disabled Russian orphans, I expected a gloomy future in a state-run nursing home full of people rejected by Russian society merely because of their physical conditions.

I was adopted and my life has changed more than I could have ever hoped. Today, like never before, I am fully in control of my life and have great hopes and goals for my future. At Texas Scottish Rite Hospital my legs were amputated so that I would be able to wear prosthetic limbs. For the first time in my life I was able to walk. This has dramatically transformed my life. As a result of my academic success, I received many scholarships that enabled me to attend one of the best universities in the world. I learned to ski. Last summer I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on my prosthetic legs to raise hope for disabled orphans in Russia. I now have caring parents and a little brother, whom I love dearly. I value my upbringing. I continue speaking Russian, and I stay in touch with all of my childhood friends and teachers.

These orphaned children, to whom I feel a very strong connection, are victims of an incentive-based, cruel political retaliation. The anti-adoption law claims that Americans abuse Russian children and adopt them simply to get financial benefits. These claims are not only preposterously false - they are insensitive to thousands of adopted children and their families in the U.S. Of the nearly 60,000 children who had been adopted from Russia in the past 20 years, 19 have died, while in Russia hundreds of children die in Russian families and Russian orphanages regularly. The fundamental right of every child to have a family and have a successful life is being brutally violated by this law. Every child in every country should have a right to be adopted by Russians, British, Americans or any other family regardless of their origin. The rhetoric of the Anti-Magnitsky legislation is illogical, heartless, and simply inhumane. The victims of this political demagoguery are the thousands of children who will not have hope for a bright future. Like most of my childhood friends, they are destined to spend their lives in unsanitary nursing homes or on the streets.

Like many adopted children in America, I believe the Anti-Magnitsky Law insults the very concept of a family. Had this law been introduced 6 years ago – today I would have no home, no family, I wouldn’t be able to hug my little brother, wouldn't attend a university and wouldn't experience the joy of walking and having full control of my life.

Every civilized country ought to improve the lives of their children by closing orphanages and encouraging domestic adoption. This law includes no determination to takes such actions. It merely deprives children of all last hope they had for a life with a family. Banning adoptions due to the Anti-Magnitsky law is inhumane and is an immoral act which uses vulnerable children for meeting political goals. It does not help the orphaned children. They will be simply forgotten.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, on behalf of thousands of children in Russia and the United States, I strongly urge you not to sign this law into effect.

Sincerely, Alexander D’Jamoos

21 December, 2012


Уважаемый Владимир Владимирович!

Меня зовут Александр Д’Джамус. Мне 21 год. Я студент второго курса Университета Техаса в Остине со специализацией в Государственном Управлении и Международных Отношениях. Я родился в России с деформированными руками и ногами - из-за этого не мог ходить. Я вырос в детском доме для детей-инвалидов в Нижнем Ломове, Пензенской области. В 15 лет мне повезло быть усыновлённым любящей семьёй из американского города Даллас. Именно исходя из моего жизненного опыта, я, как и тысячи других усыновлённых детей во всем мире, был поражён решением Думы принять закон, запрещающий усыновление американскими семьями. Жертвами этого законa станут примерно 800,000 сирот.

Всё моё детство прошло без дома и без любви, которые даёт семья. Мои биологические родители оставили меня в роддоме из-за моих физических недостатков. В детском доме со мной жило около 100 детей, каждый из которых был инвалидом, оставленным родителями. Условия были не самыми лучшими. А главное, все мы выросли без родительской любви и ласки. Как и тысячи других российских сирот, я ожидал печального будущего в доме инвалидов для взрослых, от которых российское общество отказалось только из-за их физического состояния.

Меня усыновили и моя жизнь изменилась так, как я даже не мог себе представить. Сейчас, как никогда раньше, я контролирую свою жизнь и своё будущее. В Техасском Госпитале Скоттиш Райт мне сделали ампутацию ног, чтобы носить протезы. В первый раз за всю свою жизнь я смог ходить. Это коренным образом изменило мою жизнь. Благодаря моим академическим успехам я получил стипендии, которые дали мне возможность обучаться в одном из самых лучших университетов мира. Я научился кататься на лыжах. Прошлым летом, работая с программой для российских детей-инвалидов, я совершил восхождение на гору Килиманджаро на протезах. У меня теперь любящие родители и любимый младший брат. Я ценю все, что у меня есть. Я продолжаю говорить по-русски и не теряю связи с друзьями моего детства и с учителями.

Эти дети-сироты, чьи чувства и надежды я полностью разделяю, стали жертвами жестокого политического возмездия. Закон, запрещающий усыновление, говорит о том, что американцы издеваются над российскими детьми и усыновляют их просто ради финансовой наживы. Это не только абсурдно и неверно, но и просто игнорирует жизненный опыт тысяч усыновлённых детей и их семей в Соединенных Штатах. За последние 20 лет американцы усыновили почти 60000 детей из России и 19 из них погибли, в то время как в России сотни детей гибнут в семьях и детских домах каждый год. Насилие над детьми происходит во всем мире и это- общая проблема человечества и бороться с этим надо не политическими мерами. Новый закон жестоко нарушает фундаментальное право каждого ребёнка на семью и возможность успеха в жизни. Каждый ребёнок в любой стране должен иметь право быть усыновлённым россиянами, англичанами, американцами или другой семьёй, вне зависимости от того, откуда она. Риторика этого закона нелогична, бессердечна и просто бесчеловечна. Жертвами этой политической демагогии станут тысячи детей, у которых не будет надежды на лучшее будущее. Как большинство друзей моего детства, они будут вынуждены проживать свои жизни в заброшенных домах инвалидов или на улицах.

Как и многие другие усыновлённые дети в Америке, я считаю, что закон о запрещении усыновлений американскими семьями, принятый российской Думой, оскорбителен для самой концепции человеческой семьи. Если бы подобный закон был принят 6 лет назад, то сегодня у меня не было бы дома, семьи, я не мог бы обнять своего младшего брата, учиться в университете и почувствовать радость от возможности ходить и полностью контролировать свою жизнь.

Каждая цивилизованная страна должна улучшать жизнь детей-сирот, закрывая детские дома и поощряя внутреннее усыновление. В этом законе об этом нет ни слова. Он просто отнимает у детей последнюю надежду на достойную жизнь и семью. Запрещать усыновления негуманно и использовать детей, самых уязвимых членов общества, в политических целях - аморально. Это никак не помогает сиротам. Они будут просто забыты.

Владимир Владимирович, от имени тысяч детей в России и в Соединённых Штатах я призываю вас не подписывать этот закон.

Искренне ваш, Александр Д’Джамус
21 декабря 2012-го года.

17. Adoption rights Now


Formally petitions the Government to acknowledge Irish adopted people’s full identities that the on-going discrimination and breach of their human and civil rights due to the circumstances of their birth be immediately legislated for.

And further petitions to return the rights of Irish mothers and the States failure to allow them access to their adult children’s information.

Legal adoption came into effect on January the first 1953 in Ireland with the first legally adopted people reaching the age of 18 in 1971. During the past 60 years, eight Adoption Acts and an amendment to the Constitution have been brought forward. All without a single piece of legislation to grant information rights or statutory based information and tracing services to adopted Irish people.

Adoption Rights Now! Is petitioning for change now!

1. That the discriminatory section 28 of the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts exempting adopted people be removed.

2. That adopted adults have access to all information to know their families of origin, their own original name, their mother’s name, their place of birth, the circumstances which led to their adoption and their early care and medical treatment. The Irish state is in ongoing violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Article 2.1 We petition That Ireland uses the example of Northern Ireland since 1987 and England and Wales since 1975 where Information is available to both mothers seeking family, adoptees seeking family including siblings and Ireland legislates as such.

3. That the Irish State move immediately to identify and inform all citizens it knows were used in the state approved vaccine trials and to inform them of their involvement, and that the state compensate accordingly.

4. A full, independent tribunal into any state funded and regulated and or any religious run, notorious ‘Mother & Baby homes’. Such a Tribunal to include but not be limited to:
Mortality rates of mothers.
Mortality rates of babies and children.
State payments to religious congregations.
The export of Irish children abroad.
The forced and coerced and forged signatures of Mothers.
A full investigation into all vaccine trails.

5. A review into the ongoing inefficient service provided by the untrained, unqualified HSE, the state establish an Independent Central Body be immediately set up to protect, document and record all files relating to all adoptions and all ledgers from institutions that ran adoption services including Mortality ledgers and burial places, the transfer of children with disabilities to other institutions, illegal adoptions, exported citizens and domestic adoptions.

6. That legislation be immediately enacted that henceforth all adoptions domestic and foreign shall be ‘open’.

Please sign our petition 1 million signatures for change.

18. Open family courts to the public to see the truth

There are too many lies and corrupt courts in the world, the courts need to be open so we can see that justice is done properly like the criminal courts, as child abuse should been seen as criminal and not only judge but jury and then they would be a fair hearing part of our human rights as children are taken away from loving familys and this causes more abuse to children.

John Bowbly child psychologist stated it will do more harm than good if a child and mother is separated, research shows children in care are more likely to end up criminals themselves and ASBO.

19. Allow 1 Small Pet in Rental Housing

This petition is to have Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia re-open or pass a similar bill to BILL M 203 -- 2000 PETS IN RENTAL HOUSING ACT, 2000 (, amending the Residential Tenancy Act.

In 2002, a poll conducted for the BC SPCA by McIntyre and Mustel Research, indicates that a majority (79%) of BC residents are in favour of legislation that allows pet guardians the right to keep companion animals (i.e. cat or dog) in their rental units, provided they do not cause unreasonable noise or damage.

Once again the people ask the province listen to their VOICE in this regard and enforce their WILL. The people have a VOICE and both the people and the animals deserve a LIFE with dignity. Let the people's voice be heard!

20. Support Second Parent Adoption

Under current adoption law in Michigan, only married couples or single individuals are permitted to adopt. This policy makes obtaining a joint legal partnership nearly impossible for two unmarried individuals wishing to adopt a child together.

With thousands of children waiting to be adopted from the foster care system each year, the State of Michigan cannot afford to exclude any population from its adoption discussions; however, it continues to do so by prohibiting non-married individuals from legally co-parenting and permitting only one parent in a same sex couple to legally adopt a child.

If passed, the Second Parent Adoption Bill, Michigan House Bill 4249,would allow two unmarried persons to petition to adopt a child.

All children in Michigan deserve the stability of a permanent home and the security of a legal relationship with two parents.

21. Thank You Senator Landrieu!

The children and families of pending adoptions in Guatemala have been waiting anywhere from 3 to 8 years for the process to complete.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu recently traveled to Guatemala to meet with President Alvaro Colom as well as the heads of the various entities that govern Guatemalan adoption in an effort to break the gridlock that these children's cases have encountered.

For this amazing devotion, the Guatemala900 offers this letter of thanks to Senator Landrieu.

22. Adoptees, The Forgotten Ones

We will present all World Leaders with the signatures plus the stories of adoptees to make them give every adoptee the right to know their heritage. Can you imagine looking in the mirror and not knowing who looks back at you or developing a serious illness and wondering if you had known your family history, it could have been treated earlier?

Can you imagine living your whole life asking who you are and being too scared to ask in case you offend someone? Help adoptees have the same human rights as any other human being - knowledge of their heritage.

Let's stop World Leaders brushing all this under the carpet and force them to change legislation that will help give adoptees back the lives they were born with.

We want sealed adoption files opened, lost information found in all countries and our heritage returned to us.

We want to stop being punished for something that was totally out of our control when we were babies. We accept no more guilt and ask that we be given open access to our documents and free DNA testing when it is asked for.

We want all these issues dealt with, but we need YOUR help. Please sign our petition so our plight can be brought to the attention of our World Leaders

23. Change name of informant to name of parent on birth certificate

Since Birth certification was first introduced in 400 AD there has been a section that says on it "NAME OF INFORMANT" not "NAME OF PARENT" as it should say but instead it is so that our babies and children are signed to the Government so this petition is to get that changed so that our children are our children and not signed over to the government as it is at the moment.

If you agree with this please sign this and place it everywhere so we can get it changed given that our babies are ours, we are the one's whom create them not the Government.

24. Legalise adoption for Same-Sex Couples in Victoria

Currently, it is illegal for same-sex couples to adopt children within Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania & the Northern Territory.

In 2007 the Victorian Law Reform Commission recommended that the law be amended to allow gay couples to adopt: ( however this recommendation has not yet been implemented in the Victorian parliament. It is likely that if nothing is done, this law may never be amended.

Same-sex couple adoption has recently been legalised in NSW, which is a victory, however the Law Reform Commission recommended that this law be changed in 1997 ( - I am standing for the possibility that it will not take 10 years to reform the Law in Victoria!

I am passionate about making a difference in the world and shifting paradigms that have not historically been shifted. What would it be like for you to be part of history? Someone who stood for equal rights in Victoria?

If this sounds like you, please sign the petition below. You don't have to be gay to show your support! I am aiming for 10,000 Victorians to sign this petition by December 19th 2010. This petition will be sent to the Attorney General of Victoria by December 20th 2010 to show Parliament that Victorians are serious about equal rights!

25. STOP using the term "adopt" in relation to animals

The generally accepted definition of the word "adopt" as it applies to children is:

"To take into one's family through legal means and raise as one's own child."

Whereas the definition of the word "sponsor" as it might apply to an endangered species is:

"A person or group that provides funds for an activity, esp. a person or group who donates money to a charity when the chairty requesting the donation has performed a specified activity as part of an organized fund-raising effort."

So by this very simple example it would be quite possible to sponsor a child in say China through organisations such as Hope4China or the Goodrock Foundation.
It is also possible, after much soul-searching, bureaucratic process and financial support to actually adopt a child from countries such as China or Thailand (

But, it would be wholly inappropriate, not to say insulting to adopted children around the world, to seek to raise funds for the welfare and protection of say snow leopards, rhinos or pandas by asking people to “adopt” these animals; quite clearly you would not be taking them into your families and raising them as your own children – you would simply be sponsoring them a few pounds/dollars a month. And in doing so helping a worthy cause and hard working charity.

In 2006 our family was blessed with the adoption of a baby girl from China and 4 years later she herself is sponsoring a panda in China.

So please find it in your heart to support this very worthy petition and help children who have already suffered separation, loss and abandonment to regain some self-esteem by not being compared to the feeding and protection of animals.

26. Guatemala 900 Mother's Day Plea

This Mother’s Day will be, at minimum, the third to pass for many families still awaiting the homecoming of their adopted children.

January 1, 2008 marked the dissolution of the former Guatemalan notarial adoption system. This action, along with the ratification of the Hague Adoption Convention and initiation of a new adoption law, was strongly endorsed by the U.S. Department of State and UNICEF. In good faith, American families continued to initiate new adoptions through December 31, 2007, guaranteed the protections and practices of the former notarial system under Article 56 of the Ortega Law (Articulo 56 of the Ley de Adopciones (Decreto 77-2007).

Article 56. "Adoptions in process. All the notarial and judicial processes of adoption that are still being processed at the moment when the present law becomes effective, must be registered at the Central Authority, in a term no longer than thirty days, for the effects of the registration of the case, these will continue its process in conformity with the law in effect at the time of its initiation. The cases that are not registration within the term stated will be resolved according to the procedures stated in this law”.

Today, hundreds of Guatemalan children continue to languish in institutions awaited by U.S. families while their “grandfathered” adoptions tarry in political gridlock. The rights ensured in Article 56 have been violated as these cases are scrutinized without transparency outside the practices and protections of the law. Months to years have been added to wait times as families are required to jump through bureaucratic hoops, meet deadlines (some undisclosed), endure mutiple birth mother interviews, and undergo investigations by outside authorities; all beyond the required grandfathered procedures and protections.

As awaiting families, our concerns turn to panic as attempts increase to illegally delay and terminate in-process adoptions. Since the law changed over two years ago, authorities have waged a war on adoption in which families and children have become collateral damage. When we entered into these adoptions as a humanistic endeavor to love and embrace these children as our own, we were unprepared for the violations that lay ahead: illegal raids on children's homes, wrongful seizure of children with their whereabouts undisclosed to their adoptive families, prevention of visitation rights for adoptive families, harassment and bribery of birth mothers, violations of Guatemalan women’s rights to privacy and to choose an adoption plan for their children, and enforced placement of children with extended birth family members who are unwilling and/or unable to care for them are just some of the injustices we have witnessed and endured. Today, the forward motion of all in-process adoptions has virtually ceased as a cycle of fear and retribution has taken hold. Immediate senior level government intervention is needed to end this cycle and allow righteous and fair procedures to prevail.

If these adoptions are allowed to come to their completion, they certainly will not have occurred in an expeditious manner as Article 35 of the Hague Adoption Convention urges. The cornerstone of the convention is the cooperation between states (Article 7). We need the U.S. and Guatemalan governments to work together to determine an immediate and expeditious path to process our adoptions.

The efforts to serve and protect the innocent are failing them as they lose their childhood one day, month, and now, year at a time. Long-term emotional and physical consequences are inevitable as these children languish in under funded institutions and foster care. It grows increasingly difficult for children to be placed successfully within loving families as their spirit and salvation wither outside permanent parenting. Developmental delays, psychological damage, and severe struggles to bond are just some of the many challenges families must prepare for. With every day that passes, innocence wanes for the children who have stopped believing anyone wants them. As families fight desperately to adopt these children they endure sleepless nights and anxiety filled days not knowing if they will ever be able to bring them home. With financial hardship and constant worry resulting in hopelessness, we ask, “Who will finally put an end to this needless suffering and unite our families?”

The dissolution of the former adoption system, along with allegations of fraud in specific cases, has lead to a standstill that is violating children’s rights to a family and families’ rights to a fair and legal adoption.

All those associated with Guatemala 900 believe strongly in the sanctity of family. We value and celebrate legitimate, legal adoption practice and abhor any type of unethical action that may deny a birth family of their basic human rights. We advocate for adoption reform and applaud the Guatemalan government’s efforts to end corruption and prevent the abuse of children and birth families.

We must work together to uphold the law and ensure that the actions of corrupt individuals in specific cases does not lead to additional bureaucratic delay for the families and children who are innocent. We must prevent further harm to hundreds of awaiting families and thousands of orphaned and abandoned children whose cases are legitimate and legal.


HCCH. Convention On Protection Of Children And Co-Operation In Respect Of Intercountry Adoption. 29 MAY 1993. p. 8.

HCCH. Guide To Good Practice Under The Hague Convention Of 29 May 1993 On Protection Of Children And Co-Operation In Respect Of Intercountry Adoption. APRIL 2008. p. 95.

27. Adoption Of Young Philippines Adults [17.5 - 24 ]


Proposed amendment of Republic Act No. 8552. The Republic Act No. 8552 is not beneficial for the children or the country of the Philippines itself with the restriction it stipulates for inter-country adoptions. In the act, it prohibits the adoption of adults therefore the children that are no longer adoptable will fall to the wayside and will become a burden to their country. They will be untrained, unskilled, uneducated, and unemployable and will be reliant on society for support.

We have to act and petition the government to eradicate this poverty and the educational foundation for the people of the Philippines as well as the rest of the world.


“It is hereby declared the policy of the State to provide every [neglected and abandoned child] with a family that will provide such child with love and care as well as opportunities for growth and development. Towards this end,[efforts shall be exerted to place the child with an adoptive family] in the [[Philippines]]. However, recognizing that inter-country adoption maybe considered as allowing aliens, [[not presently allowed by law to adopt Filipino children]] if such children cannot be adopted by qualified Filipino citizens or aliens, the State shall take measures to ensure that inter-country adoptions are allowed when the same shall prove beneficial to the child’s best interests and shall serve and protect his/her fundamental rights.”


The above [[ ]] statements are what I would like to see AMENDED .

28. We Are the Truth

On April 8, 2010 7-year-old, Artyem Saviliev, adopted by a U.S. family, was flown to Russia and abandoned. The child, adopted approximately 6 months ago by a Tennessee family, is now under the protection of the Russian government.

Together we advocate for the investigation, arrest and prosecution of all individuals involved in any type of child abuse. Failing to take aggressive action against individuals involved in abuse only further compromises children’s rights. And when the reaction to abuse is the elimination of a particular service to children (intercountry adoption) instead of prosecuting the perpetrators, children are further victimized and their rights stripped away.

It should be recognized that this tragedy is an isolated incident and not representative of the more than 100,000 adoptions completed each year by American citizens.

This tragedy demonstrates the need for all of us to work together to ensure that the actions of one family does not cause harm to the thousands of children who are in need of a permanent and safe family. Further, it demonstrates the need for the immediate investigation, arrest and prosecution of individuals who abuse children.

Восьмого апреля 2010 года, семилетний мальчик Артем Савельев, усыновленный американской семьй, был посажен на самолет и отправлен из Соединенних Штатов обратно в Россию и оставлен там один. Ребенок, которий был усыновлен только 6 месяцев назад семьей из Тенесси, сейчас находиться под попичительством Российского правительства.

Вместе мы хотим просить о правовом расследовании, и если необходимо, аресте и наказании всех людей вовлеченных в это дело которое является прямым ущемлением прав как этого мальчика так и всех детей которые ждут усыновлений. И если резултатом этого дела будет прекращение усыновлений американцами русских детей,то вместо того чтобы наказать виновных, это станет огромной угрозой правам всех детей.

Мы должны в прямую сказать что эта трагедия является единичным инциндентом и не в коей мере не представляет картину более 100,000 удачных усыновлений сделаних американцами в России.

Эта трагедия демонстрирует необходимость для всех нас работать вместе чтобы обеспечить увереность в том что действия одной семьи не нанесёт непоправимый ущерб тысячам детей которые нуждаются в стабильной и теплой и любящей семье. Более того, это демонтсрирует неотложную необходимость в расследовании и если необходимо в наказании виновных.

Понимая что трагический случай Артема Савельева это единичный случай который ни в коей мере не представляет общей картины многочисленных усыновлений между Россией и Америкои, мы призываем:

29. Build a New Pflugerville Animal Shelter

1. The current animal shelter is too small and filled to capacity with animals much of the time. There is no outside run attached to the dog shelter so the dogs are unable to get fresh air during the day.

2. The cages for the cats and smaller dogs are very small which leaves the animals very little room to move around and to get proper ventilation.

3. The animal shelter lacks central heating and air conditioning. Even with the use of wall fans, the temperatures in the shelter have reached 95 to 100 degrees. In the winter, since the quarantine-side outside wall is made up of a chain-link fence, a plastic tarp is placed over it to keep the cold air out.

4. The Pflugerville Animal Shelter is not located in a very visible location. It’s behind a subdivision and as a result many citizens and animal rescue groups aren’t aware that it exists.

30. Help Bring the children from Haiti

Manneau and Evena Jean-Charles have began the adoption process of Stevinson, Millard and Sabine Jean-CHarles in 2007 from there homeland of Haiti.

The adoption process has been completed from the Haitain side, since the Haitian earthquake, and now under the policy involving Humanitarian Parole for Haitian Orphans signed by Secretary Janet Napolitano on January 18th 2010, we have requested our children to come to the United States, and made request via Homeland Security and the USCIS and Haitian Adoptions. All paperwork is in order.

To date the children, one of which is injured with two broken legs, and all three homeless, living in the streets of Haiti, have yet to be delivered into our care and custody.