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We, the American People, strongly oppose amnesty or any kind of legalization for illegal aliens. We are extremely concerned of the future of this United States of America for various reasons.

The security of this nation is in grave danger by the millions of illegal aliens coming in from other countries. Many are coming from the Middle east by entering Venezuela first, learning Spanish and then crossing the Mexican border to the USA. The great majority coming in from Central, So. America and our neighbors the Mexicans. These people pay thousands of dollars to smugglers just to bring them across the US border. It wouldn't cost much to pay the Immigration fees to the proper authorities -if- they entered according to our laws.

Americans are concerned that our country's economy is being devastated by giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who broke our laws entering our country illegally or, overstayed their temporary Visas.

Our welfare rolls are exploding while Americans are losing their jobs. The Food stamps (cards) are being abused by the criminal element.

People living in Mexico are taking advantage of the Spanish language advertizing the US Government has put on T.V. And many non-eligible obtain the food cards.

Children cross the US border to use our educational system and return to Mexico after classes are over! Mexico is taking full advantage of American resources!

Those are some of the reasons Americans are concerned with the direction this Administration is taking our beloved USA.

Americans can no longer afford to lose any more jobs, while supporting outlaws coming to the USA illegally.

Nor can the USA afford the load on our SS, and SSI (the Disability Program) used by the illegal aliens. the costly give away of Food Stamps, free Medical services, and the burden on our Educational System -being used by those who violated our laws to come in and take benefits reserved for US Citizens and Legal Immigrants.

We cannot afford to become a Country of Entitlement by, and for the outlaws: The Illegal Aliens.

We, the undersigned expect our Representatives in Washington, D.C., to respond to our concerns by not voting for Amnesty or any benefit to the law breakers - who did not come in according to the Legal Immigration laws of this nation.

The Undersigned:

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