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1. Cancel 7 Days to Die Update

My friend is anticipating the 7 days update. I am afraid that they will not take care of their pets when the update releases. The pets will probably die. So please sign this petition if your don't want animals to die and go to hell.


Breaking barriers and statistics Twann V. Oakley should have a chance with our home team the Memphis Grizzlies. Standing 6'4 195 pounds Shooting Guard he displays characters and capabilities that would ensure assistance to a winning team. As a member of Alcorn State Men's Basketball Team he led his team to numerous victories. With above averages in true shooting, rebounds, assists and free throws combined with ability to be team member as well as leader. Participating in many local and nation recognized conferences gives proof his ability and agility as a player.

Twann is a pillar in the OrangeMound community, Twann spends his time mentoring and tutoring youth and well as adults. Reminding them its not so much about where you been but the future ahead.

Growing up in a community where crime is a constant occurrence and the thoughts of being condemned to his surrounding of low income housing, uneducated struggles, being damned by a drug stricken streets, and being involved in an accident leaving him injured both physically and emotionally Twann made a commitment to himself. He would defy all odds and set the example ensuring others that not only is graduation possible but so is success.

The Alcorn State graduate used his basketball as his key and education as the door to success. Now his next platform is to show that you can be educated and still love out your dreams. The striving ball player is an unrestricted free agent who if given a chance could display his God given talents to already established team.

3. Canadian Immigration Needs to be Held Accountable to Canadian Citizens

Canadian Immigration needs to be our watchful eye on immigration ensuring persons entering our country are legitimate. Immigration Canada assumes everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

Case in point; my wife is Colombian and in February of 2015 we were married and we applied for a visitor’s visa so she could attend my son’s wedding on July 18th. I contacted an agency to help so we completed all the documents required properly.

My wife was coming to Canada alone, leaving her son behind and was returning to work after the wedding. I wrote an invitation letter assuming responsibility for her during her stay. I am a teacher with 35 years of experience and live on my farm. I provided documentation, a letter from my employer Prairie Valley School Division and a current monthly pay stub. My wife is covered under my Saskatchewan Teachers’ Health plan.

My wife was required to go to the Canadian Embassy in Bogota, Colombia for fingerprints and a picture taken at the Embassy. I bought her a ticket to fly to Bogota and this was completed. Now all we had to do was wait for Immigration Canada to review the application.

Our application was denied. Immigration Canada did not believe my wife would return to Colombia and it was uncertain if I could support her during her stay. Hmm she has sole custody of her son who lives with her and a permanent employment of fifteen years to return to. As to the concern that I was possibly unable to support her, I am a teacher, have farmed my farm of 720 acres and reside on my farm. I think tax payers need not worry.

So we applied for a visa the second time. In the second application we included a letter from my wife’s employer, documentation of custody of her son and a declaration of oath signed and stamped by Commissionaire of Oaths that she will be returning to Colombia. I provided another letter of proof of employment, current monthly pay stub, a letter from the RM of Lipton confirming my land base and that the land taxes are in good standing. My insurance provider provided a letter that I have been a valued customer for over 35 years and listed the insured value house and buildings etc. I too signed a declaration of oath guaranteeing her return to Colombia.

We were informed that my wife would have to return to Bogota to the Canadian Embassy again to again have her fingerprints taken and another picture. This was all done in the initial application and in our file, I don’t think fingerprints change and a month or so later, I don’t think her photo has changed that much. But no problem she will do it the second time.

Our second application was denied, she had too close ties to Saskatchewan because she is my wife. All this time and money spent for nothing.

There is no appeals, Embassy accepts no phone calls and will not accept an interview. Response from Canadian Immigration is anonymous, no one takes responsibility for the decision.

As a Canadian citizen what is left to do? Contact your Member of Parliament which I did. It is not policy for our M.P. to get involved.

The Canadian Immigration Needs to Be Held Accountable to Canadian Citizens

4. Demand from Ubisoft Entertainment to lower the Double Memory requirement for all of their Android Apps

The Ubisoft Entertainment will NOT update all of their Android Apps and the "apk" feature which lowers the memory usage by 10 MB for example.

With this petition I'm DEMANDING Ubisoft Entertainment to update to "apk". The current memory requirement: 44.51 MB X 2 is too large for my Tablet PC &/or Smartphone.

5. Demand the Croatian goverment to urgently establish effective Animal Police in each city

The Goverment of Croatia hasn't established real-working Animal Police, so hereby we are DEMANDING from them to establish Animal Police in each City!

Please Sign & ˝Share˝ around!

6. Request to Mark Zuckerberg to make GraphSearch Private for Profiles

We the undersigned are requesting Mark Zuckerberg to change GraphSearch to˝Private˝ for all FB Profiles!
Mark Zuckerberg has recently introduced a new way to search called ˝GraphSearch˝!

7. Request from Youtube, Machinima & VEVO to allow partnership of any country!

As some of you don´t know, Youtube, Machimima & VEVO does't allow for some countries like Croatia to be official partners!

8. Stop Amnesty to Illegal Aliens Now

We, the American People, strongly oppose amnesty or any kind of legalization for illegal aliens. We are extremely concerned of the future of this United States of America for various reasons.

The security of this nation is in grave danger by the millions of illegal aliens coming in from other countries. Many are coming from the Middle east by entering Venezuela first, learning Spanish and then crossing the Mexican border to the USA. The great majority coming in from Central, So. America and our neighbors the Mexicans. These people pay thousands of dollars to smugglers just to bring them across the US border. It wouldn't cost much to pay the Immigration fees to the proper authorities -if- they entered according to our laws.

Americans are concerned that our country's economy is being devastated by giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who broke our laws entering our country illegally or, overstayed their temporary Visas.

Our welfare rolls are exploding while Americans are losing their jobs. The Food stamps (cards) are being abused by the criminal element.

People living in Mexico are taking advantage of the Spanish language advertizing the US Government has put on T.V. And many non-eligible obtain the food cards.

Children cross the US border to use our educational system and return to Mexico after classes are over! Mexico is taking full advantage of American resources!

Those are some of the reasons Americans are concerned with the direction this Administration is taking our beloved USA.

9. Bring One Direction to Ireland

They are always in America. Bring one direction to Ireland!

10. Request from Croatian Government to use LTL (Less Than Lethal) weapons

Request from Croatian Government to use LTL (Less Than Lethal) weapons like the Stun Gun, Taser Gun & Stun Granades!

This is a petition asking the Croatian Government & The Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs to issue ˝Less Than Lethal˝ Weapons to EVERY Police Officer due to security concerns!

11. Boycott Facebook to allow Message-ing on any Profile & fb page & for any user!

We the undersigned are asking Mark Zuckerberg to allow ANYONE to use messanging wether friend or not on Facebook!

12. MGS Fans: Petition to Port

We the MGS Fans want from Hideo Kojima, the Producer &/or Director of Metal Gear Solid want from him to port Port MGS Twin Snakes, MGS Portable Ops, Portable Ops+, Metal Gear Acid & Metal Gear Acid 2 to the HD Collection Vol 2. & VOl 3. to PS3, PS 4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE &/ The Nintendo Wii-U Consoles!

And also we want Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops & Peace Walker to be made as novels!

13. Bring ADTR, ATL, WATIC & YMAS to thr United Arab Emirates!

Please sign this petition to bring A Day To Remember, All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd and You Me At Six to Dubai!

If you are a fan or if you just like their music, please do sign this petition.

A Day To Remember:

All Time Low:

We Are The In Crowd:

You Me At Six:

14. Put a Humane force in Las Vegas

Many states have a NSPCA humane force A.K.A animal cops. Las Vegas does not have one. We need one desperately. We need one NOW! The abuse has become so bad that even my next door neighbors are doing it.

It seems left and right animals in Las Vegas are hurt and abused for no reason except for a persons sick fantasies. I'm not asking for money im just asking for help so if you can contact any major officer (mayor, governor, president etc.) please send this to them.

I may be only 15 but this is what I want to do, defend animals of Las Vegas and let them have a good life.

15. Bring Pokemon Films Back to UK Cinemas!

Pokémon has recently become the second most successful and lucrative video game-based media franchise in the world, a massive part of the franchise being the anime, the movies.

Unfortunately for no known reason Pokemon hasn't appeared in UK cinemas for possibly 10 years now, this is disappointing when there is still such a strong fan base here in the UK and hopefully with the help of the rest of you we can get pokemon back to are big screens!


16. Protect Reading's elderly and vulnerable people

The new Conservative and Lib Dem administration in Reading have announced plans to review the eligibility criteria for the care they provide to elderly and vulnerable people such as those with learning difficulties. Elsewhere in Berkshire where this has happened thousands of people have lost much needed services.

The Local Green Party believes that the cuts will affect thousands of Reading families who rely on these services to support them in living their day to day lives and it is essential that we fight to keep these services.

Recent local news articles on the proposed cuts can be found on line by following the links below.

If you or anyone you know are concerned about how these cuts might affect you, please have your say by signing the petition.

If you would like to get more involved in campaigning against these cuts then please get in touch with Rob White or Melanie Eastwood through the Reading Green party website.

17. Justice For Junior

On May 5th, 2010, Junior Alexander Manon, an 18 year old teenager, more commonly known as, TUBZ, was beaten to death by seven police officers from 31 Division, Toronto, Ontario. Junior's beating was the result of a short chase, that commenced after a "routine" stop in his car. The media has falsified this information by reporting his death as being due to cardiac arrest, despite the fact that, his body was found covered in his blood, he had bruised ribs, black and blue eyes and a broken neck. This information has also been omitted from news reports.

His ultimate cause of death was determined to be a broken neck. Unfortunately stories like this are not uncommon in certain parts of Toronto.

18. Bring Anime To British TV

Most people stereotype Anime as Childrens programmes. This is not true, as many people would agree with me.

Anime is also popular in other countries like America and France.

If you look long enough you find Anime which will hook you, and you will never be able to stop watching again. Just like I and many others were hooked by Full Metal Alchemist, and the other thousands of Animes out there!

Please sign.

19. Make Command and Conquer Generals 2

Quite a few people want C&C Generals 2 now, it has been quite a while since Generals and Zero:Hour has been out and there are many people wishing to revive C&C with a new Generals game.

20. Free Public Transport for Full Time Students under 18 in Cambridgeshire

The Campaign Will Be Working To Get Free/Reduced Fares For All Young People Under 18 In Cambridgeshire Who Are Still in Full Time Education.

21. Gerard Way should come to Australia!

Gee should cum 2 oz agen

22. Super Junior Visit to the Philippines

Ever since the popularity of Super Junior in the Philippines, restless fans have been asking and talking about their coming to the Philippines.

Some, like us, are doubting that this is just a rumor. So, here we are asking a petition for everyone to sign so that they can come and visit the said country.

23. Support the band First Cause

The First Cause is one of a few local bands in and around the Mcleansboro area. Their practice space is located two blocks south of the intersection of highways 14 and 142 on the west side of the highway.

While this band has made efforts not to disturb residents of surrounding homes at inappropriate times, it seems that everytime they try to practice someone is calling the City Police.

While the band is not legaly obligated to stop their practice until 9:00 p.m., they have always cut their practices short anytime that there is a complaint called in.

As of late, the complaints to the local police have come in as early as 6:45 (after less than ten minutes of play time).

This band's focus is strictly on thier music, and they don't want to be a nuisance in anyone's life here in Mcleansboro or anywhere else. There is so little to do here localy for young people and when a few of them find something they enjoy they are quickly labled as disturbers of the peace.

This bands members work, go to school, have caring families and raise children. There are a lot of other "passtimes" they could get caught up in, but they have decided to be dedicated to their art.

In response to the recent public complaints, we have decided to compose this petition to ensure that the law will be on The First Cause's side until 9:00 p.m. in the future as it is today.