#Children's Rights
anyone that believes children should not have to endure losing a parent

Richard A. Gardner, M.D. introduced the term parental alienation syndrome and pioneered its study. In his efforts to assist people who were interested in learning about parental alienation syndrome and educating courts about PAS and its acceptance in the scientific community, and in response to misrepresentations that work on PAS had not been published in scientific journals, Dr. Gardner maintained on his Web site a list of references on parental alienation syndrome, a list of legal citations, a list of professional conferences on parental alienation syndrome, and a list of lectures that Dr. Gardner had been invited to deliver on parental alienation syndrome.

In May 2003 Dr. Gardner passed away. Since then a few of us throughout the world has stepped up to the plate to keep the truth out there. People that believe this is a form of abuse of human rights of the child. That children should not be caught up in adult conflict and have the right to both of their parents without interference by the other.

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By signing this petition you are standing up and saying children's rights should prevail. That it is their right to have both parents in their life with out interference by the other. That you believe children should not be used as pawns for financial gain, revenge on an ex partner or using false allegations against another to poison the mind of a child then sign and be proud as you are helping children be saved from having to endure the loss of one of their parents.

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