#Human Rights
Paul Burstow MP Health Shadow Secretary of State for Health
United Kingdom

This Petition is for us all.
I used to work in a Nursing Home, in Mid Wales, and became a Whistle Blower. Because i saw abuse towards the elderly, ie..from been hit, forced in the bath, shouted at, been tied down,and the list goes on.

Now i want to bring Civil Action against this home. Since 13 ex members of staff have come forward, who also seen abuse.

I have been to my Local Goverment office, Social Services, Police, The Care Standarts Comission, And i was told there is a Network in this town i should not upset. "MASONS" I BELIEVE. So now i need the Public's help to get this case heard.

The Fact is 500.000 elderly get abused in the UK each year.You have organisations like the RSPCA, NSPCA,but you have nothing for the elderly to be protected.
Ohh do not get me wrong you have got organisations, but i have tried them all.And all of them cover there ears and do not want too know.
Since every citizen is duty bound to report crime, and if it is ignored by the Police and Public Servant.Us the Citizen's must use they Rights, EXPOSE THE OFFENDERS WHO ACT IN THE CONTEMT OF THE LAW.

We all have to stop putting our heads in the sand. Because one day we will be old. And ask yourself you want to be abused?? The System does not work and the law needs to be changed.

Help to stop abuse to the elderly.

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