Undoubtedly, more videos are soon to be released. However, at the moment, we have three videos graphically detailing the illegal activities of Planned Parenthood.

Particularly, these videos showcase how the company will (illegally) perform an abortion in a such a way that the aborted fetus's body is more or less "fully intact". When an abortion results in a more fully intact body, it provides an incentive for PP to gain a financial profit from various procurement companies that will purchase the body at high costs.

Beyond merely ethical concerns, these recent revelations make it clear that the abortion industry has been making a profit in the trafficking of aborted fetuses. In the eyes of many Americas, this is immoral.

As Americans - a nation that recently declared all citizens equal in the eyes of the law in regards to marriage - we believe a double standard exists. How can one support marriage equality, but ignore the fact that a federally-funded organization has been selling the body parts of dead children?

We petition American citizens to rethink this hypocrisy. Also, we speak specifically to partners at Starbucks. While Starbucks doesn't directly support PP, they do match donations made to a variety of companies - including PP. We believe a socially-progressive company such as this one need not support PP and its activities.

Starbucks has often used its wide reaching platform as a means to create social change and in that same spirit, we ask Starbucks to cease any financial support of Planned Parenthood.

Specifically, in light of recent discoveries concerning illegal activities, we ask that Starbucks refuse to match any donations made to PP through it's partner-based Starbucks Foundation.

Equality begins in the womb.

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