Ocean County College Nursing Department
United States of America

This petition is about disorganization of the math curriculum in the nursing department of Ocean County College. It has long been a challenge from day 1 of the nursing program. The math test is very crucial to your nursing school career. If you are to fail, you are allowed to retake it. If you fail again, you are removed from the nursing program, and have to reapply. Students are told to be self taught in preparation of this math course. The rationalization of this, is that we get a learning packet to take home and study. Also, there are different ways to do the math. So if there was a math review for the test, are they going to teach every way to do the math problem? This is a problem. Students, especially 1st semester, are very confused. Something must be done to change this. If math is so important and critical to nursing care, why are we wasting our time on subjects that could not potentially kill a patient.

I ask that you, the nursing students of Ocean County College, sign this petition. In doing so, we may make a big change,and make nursing school better for the future students. Learning math is critical to nursing care. It should be taught to us. We pay to go to college to learn from professors who are paid to teach. We don't pay to go to college to be told to go home and learn it.

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