Brisbane City Council

Be part of this proposal to build an awesome bicycle park in Stafford in the Shand street recreational area!

The proposed bike facility is to cater for BMX and mountain bike (MTB) riders of all ages and skills and would include:

-BMX style pump track
-Dirt jumps for all ages and skills
-MTB skills area

Currently many similar bike parks are enjoyed by the population of Brisbane elsewhere but none service the local community in this region.

The proposed area just north-east of Grinstead park on the northern bank of Kedron brook is already one council has identified as perfect for recreational/sporting facilities and currently has an outdoor basketball area and skateboard half pipe. The addition of a bicycle recreation area would be complimentary to this parkland with abundant space existing for a well planned and constructed bike track.

The Kedron brook bike path close by means that you and your children will be able to safely commute from nearby areas to enjoy the facility.

This site already satisfies initial review as a suitable area and the budget for building such a facility is well within reach of local council so lets get behind making the area a fun destination for all local residents and support our families keeping fit and enjoying our great parklands!

We, the undersigned, ask the Brisbane City Council to build a BMX style pump track/dirt jump track and MTB skills area in the Shand st parkland of Stafford. The proposed area just north-east of Grinstead park on the northern bank of Kedron brook is already identified as a recreational sporting area with a skateboard half pipe and outdoor basketball court and we feel a recreational bike area would be a perfect addition to the parkland.

We believe the building of a recreational bike area would assist in encouraging the local community to make better use of the wonderful parklands of the Stafford region. The location has abundant space for such a facility and is positioned adjacent the already established Kedron brook bike path which would enable the proposed facility to better service the surrounding suburbs.

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