#Children's Rights
DCF, DSS, DCYF and the Federal Government of America
United States of America

Social Services has no boundaries, social workers are allowed to bully parents around while using the excuse "for the sake of the children" There's a clear difference between enforcing good parenting habits and using authority for the sake of self-gain.

These actions need to stop. There is no punishment for these workers who unjustly abuse their powers. When there is no clear punishment for childish behavior, then it's allowed to flourish and survive. If being in a position of responsibility is too much for these workers and acting with maturity is out of the question, then they should be fined in order to remind them that they shouldn't get complacent with the fact that there is no punishment for immature and arrogant behavior.

A standard should be implemented and Social Services should be obliged to it, to ensure equal and fair treatment for parents going through such a difficult ordeal. Having no obligations to it's own contracts of reform enables immaturity and arrogance. This needs to stop.

We the undersigned call upon American Social Services and the Federal Government to recognize the unfair treatment of Social Workers towards parents who have had their children unjustly removed.

To oblige those in these fields of expertise(via a fine for all people on the side of social services involved in the case) to act professionally and with a great deal of maturity. To set a standard specific towards the parent(s) involved and be fair and reasonable to the parents who wish to be reunited with their children.

To set a specific set of goals which must be met with 85% completion on average which are reasonable and reachable for the parents. All parties involved should be well informed of the other parties' actions so that the best results can be met for all people involved.

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