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All those who love peace

Be the Change while fostering foster peace so that it radiates throughout the entirety of the Middle East.

The commitment to Dream Big for Peace was adopted by many of the friends and readers of Maria Khalife’s newsletters last year. Many readers of this newspaper and fans of the local media were among those who took the vow, lived a year of peace, and offered many suggestions for creating lasting peace.

“Foster peace inside your thoughts. Watch for angry flare ups. Don’t seek revenge. Don’t consider war a solution. Abhor violence. Recognize the face of fear. Don’t be contentious, seeking conflict or strife.

Foster peace in your speech. If you say something non-peaceful, something angry, violent, or revengeful, stop immediately and take back those words. Say something like “Oh, that is not what I meant to say. I take it back. What I meant to say was …..”

Foster peace in your actions. When you work toward the good, in all of your thoughts, your words, and your actions, you will create in your life your innate identity of love and friendship that you truly deserve. Once you have this in place, that which you want for yourself, you will seek for mankind. Peacemaking is part and parcel of your development as a human being.

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