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Here in Inverness country living (outside of city limits) there are no sidewalks, even in the city limits still there are no sidewalks children of all ages have to walk to and from their school buses every morning and every afternoon they have to make accommodations to cross the street due to the amount of trees and grass in their way with no sidewalk for them to depend on, not to mention the fact that the hills in the street make it very hard to see if a car is approaching. These children and people of all ages NEED SIDEWALKS HERE IN INVERNESS FLORIDA. Every morning the adults of Inverness go for a walk with cars passing they have to walk off of the grass on to the street then back on to the grass due to the lack of sidewalks in Inverness Florida, it is NOT SAFE and not secure for these children and adults. WE NEED SIDEWALKS FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN & our selves.

We the people of Inverness Florida ask for sidewalks along our streets, for the safety of our CHILDREN & the safety of ourselves.

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