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1. Greater Utica Height Block Club Sidewalks Replacement in Surrounding Area

We are the people from Greater Utica Heights Block Club, we are in need of nieghborhood improvement, our sidewalks are dangerously in bad shape and unsafe.We find that people walks in the streets because of our sidewalks are broken and unleveled, thats make walking on sidewalks differcultiy and dangerous. This problem bring down the quality of life in our community..

2. Jonesboro Citizens Unite to Oppose Rezoning Request on South Caraway

We are opposed to any further rezoning for additional development on South Caraway until the necessary infrastructure improvements are made in order to protect the existing quality of life of those living and working in our community.

3. Carlsbad Sidewalks

We are petitioning the City of Carlsbad to install sidewalks on the following streets near Carlsbad High School:
- North and south sides of Gayle Way between Monroe Street and Donna Drive
- East and West sides of Ann Drive between Gayle Way and Janice Way
- Laurie Circle - entire cul-de-sac
- North and south sides of Janice Way between Ann Drive and Donna Drive
- West side of Donna Drive to connect with proposed south side of Janice Way and existing sidewalk on Donna Drive

Gayle Way, Janice Way and Ann Drive are extremely busy streets most of the year due to automobile and pedestrian traffic to and from Carlsbad High School (CHS) and during extracurricular activities at CHS and Monroe Street Pool. These three streets are also main routes for many elementary and middle school students walking to and from Magnolia Elementary and Valley Middle Schools. Neighborhood residents also use this street regularly for walking or running. The City of Carlsbad installed large, coarse gravel at the corner of Gayle Way and Ann Drive a few years ago, which has basically become menacing for pedestrians. Young children, forced to walk on the gravel instead of the street, have also fallen on the hazardous gravel.

Erin McClure is a 15-year-old special needs child living on Laurie Circle. She requires wheelchair only access and her caregivers are forced to use busy streets with no wheelchair access when taking her for walks. Currently, she is approximately three blocks from any wheelchair accessible sidewalk.

4. Guarantee safe and accessible routes to the necessities of life for handicapped and disabled citizens

My introduction into the disabled community was two fold.

First in 2011 when a cerebral haemorrhage robbed my wife of some of her eyesight and secondly when a massive stroke in 2014 left me paralyzed on my left side and in a wheelchair. The realization that the poorly cleared sidewalks in our neighborhood prevented not only I in my chair and she with her cane from access to nearby physicians, pharmacies and laboratories not to mention grocery stores but that they also presented similar obstacles to the large number of disabled and elderly residents housed around us.

I felt compelled to act and hope that armed with this petition I can take this fight to a place that could force municipalities to address the needs of disabled persons.

5. Stop the Wasteful Irresponsible Spending of Taxpayer Money

The elected government of the city of danville illinois has over the past 8 years wasted taxpayer money on pet projects while ignoring essential community needs and infrastructure.

Residential city streets, roadways, alleyways and sidewalks throughout the community are in deplorable condition and yet no desire exists within city government to repair, replace or maintain them.

Many neighborhoods lack any sidewalks which forces residents and their children to engage in the dangerous behavior of walking in roadways.despite numerous, requests and pleas from the majority of the voters of the community, the city government chooses to impose new taxes on the community and increase spending for the next year by four million dollars with out any plan to fund needed repairs, maintenance or additions to streets, roadways, alleyways and sidewalks.

6. Keeping our Kids Safe! The Need for Sidewalks on Manchester Blvd.

Sidewalks are needed on Manchester Blvd both North and South sides of the street.

The sidewalks need to start where Tanglewood Blvd turns into Machester Blvd. and continue on the South side of the street to Selby Dr. and on the North side up to the bridge over Covington Cir E.

The current width of the road from where Manchester Blvd starts is 8’2” and the bike path is 3’11”. The road changes once you get to Selby Dr./Covington Cir E. to 9’4” and the bike path is 2’11”. Having the bike path painted on a minimal standard road does not leave the cars a choice, but to go into the bike path.

In the morning & afternoon, the entire bike path down the South side of Manchester Blvd. is blocked by cars waiting in the parent drop-off/pickup line. This causes ped/bikers to use the North side of Manchester Blvd. going and coming from school. The North side is the side of the street that always has moving vehicles that veer into the ped/bike path.

There are bike paths on both sides of the street, however, when two vehicles pass each other at the same time both vehicles veer into the bike lane. This forces any pedestrian or bike to veer into the grass. Going up into the grass is a trip hazard because it is above the roadway.

We understand you have many requests for funding projects. This is a safety issue and we know funds are limited. We are asking you to prioritize this project for the safety of all of the children in the neighborhood.

7. Montrose Sidewalks Coalition

The time has come for the City of Houston to provide a plan to the public to address the state of Montrose sidewalks and ensure safety and access for all.

8. Construct Safe Walking Routes

Whereas Legacy Elementary, a new construction school in the Juniper area of Ocala, Florida, will start public education on August 19, 2013, and the surrounding neighborhoods have no sidewalks, bike routes, or walking paths, and the students are ineligible for bus transportation according to the current policies:

9. Transportation BOTH ways to School

My son started Pre-K this year and the school provides transportation to school one way, without regard to his age, distance of walking from school home and the main roads having to walk without a sidewalk.

In the winter, it will be worse as the small portion of road, or drain if you will, will then be covered in snow and no longer accessible to use to walk safely along the roads.

10. Add Sidewalk on Manor Way to 164th St SW



Dunhill Terrace is a new development with about 139 units. The community sits North of 164th St SW along Manor Way and has seen a lot of growth, especially within the last year, and with that an increase in automobile and pedestrian traffic. Currently, pedestrians are forced to walk in the travel lanes of Manor Way to avoid the ditches and vegetation that come to the edge of the roadway. (Video of road at end of preamble). Manor Way residents are also concerned for the safety of the elementary school children that catch the school bus at the corner of 156th and Manor Way.

The Swamp Creek Park and Ride is a just a few blocks from Dunhill Terrace (even closer for those who live closer to 164th St SW). Because of the safety concerns, many of us who commute and utilize Swamp Creek Park and Ride are forced to drive this very short distance and not walk. Many residents also would like to walk to the nearby Fred Meyer and other retail establishments near the corner of 164th St SW and Manor Way.

Recently, it was announced there is the possibility of having fees imposed by Sound Transit for parking in the Park and Rides. This may force commuters to choose between walking along Manor Way, thus risking their personal safety to make it to work or incurring an extra expense to maintain safety and contributing to the parking congestion problem by driving their personal vehicles the short distance to the Swamp Creek Park and Ride.

Here are a few reasons why installing a sidewalk along Manor Way can improve our community:

• Safety for Pedestrians “Annually, around 4,500 pedestrians are killed in traffic crashes with motor vehicles in the United States. Pedestrians killed while ‘walking along the roadway’ account for almost 8 percent of these deaths”

• Increase Housing Values by improving Walkability Score. “Multiple independent studies have demonstrated that above-average walkability correlates to increased housing values”

• Less cars parked at local Park and Ride

• Other benefits include: Economic, Health, Environmental, Reduced Crime Risk

Videos of Manor Way while Walking-

11. Citizens for Sidewalks in Trent Woods

Trent Woods is a bedroom community with quiet neighborhoods, local schools and churches, as well as close and convenient access to many amenities without having the commercialism within our community.

But one thing Trent Woods doesn't have is a safe pedestrian environment. This issue impacts the safety of both pedestrians and motorists.

12. Pedestrian Safety for George Brown Street

George Brown St. in Billerica is a very heavily traveled road, with many cars travelling well over the speed limit. With the Whipple Road bridge closed, traffic has increased a great deal. Our children must travel this road and attempt to cross it daily to get to and from their bus stops. Our children play in this neighborhood. This street needs sidewalks and a crosswalk to prevent tragedy from happening.

It is well documented that the cars travelling on this road do so at a rate of speed well over the posted limit. One motorcycle officer can not possibly handle the amount of speeders on this road. Many residents of this street have lost pets to accidents involving cars. It is time to make our road safe and protect our children! Three years ago, we residents met with the then Town Manager and expressed our concerns.

We requested a crosswalk and were told it would be "looked into". Three years is long enough to wait!

13. No to sidewalks in front of Wallkill homes

Putting a sidewalks in would create problems with mandatory snow removal and it will take away at least 15 feet from the front of all homes involved. Parking your car would be almost nonexistent for yourself, and visitors. It will also cause loitering in from of your home. Emergency vehicles, would probably have a tough time getting close enough your residence.

14. Support Sidewalks in Franklin Lakes

Thousands of gallons of gas are used for driving less than a mile away every day. With the addition of sidewalks, residents can be promised a safe way to move about town by saving gas, money, and getting exercise as well.

15. Safer Walkway to Snow Horse Elementary School

We propose that sidewalks from 200 North to Snow Horse Elementary be installed in order for these children to have a safe walkway to school.

Studies have shown that there are more accidents in areas without sidewalks. For example, in 2005, Lee County, FL led Florida in car accidents hitting children under the age of 14. Studies further went to show that most of those accidents took place in areas without sidewalks.

Let us learn from previous mistakes and install sidewalks on this strip of road BEFORE we have the problem of having children being hit by cars.

16. Sidewalks for Jamie

My Friend Jamie Rose was hit and killed January 15th, 2008, and I believe if there would have been a cross light or sidewalks that this accident would have been so preventable.

Please help me to help others from having to go through the same pain I and all her other family and friends have gone thorugh.

Sidewalks can save the lives of many if they only had the choice to use them.

17. James Street sidewalks aren't fit to walk on

James Street is a small street located in Whitney Pier. There is a senior home located on the corner of Griffin and James Street. The sidewalk is crumbling and making it very dangerous for our seniors to walk on.

The seniors that live on this street all walk or have motorized wheelchairs. James Street has a post office and bus route at the end of the street. The sidewalks are not only beneficial to our neighborhoods many children travelling back and forth to the local elementary school; but necessary for our seniors safety when travelling to and from the doctors, pharmacy etc.

18. No to ALCOHOL sales on our sidewalks

The citizens for community vales wants to take a stand for our community. We do not want our community to be an advertisment for drinking alcohol and/or drinking alcohol and driving.

This sends a negitive message to our youth.

19. School Safety for Arrow Springs Elementary

Requesting that the City of Broken Arrow repaint crosswalks in the following locations, Vicksburg & Birch, First st. & Vicksburg, Twinoaks & Birch, And South park & Birch.

For Arrow Springs Elementary school, place larger school zone,/one way signs, and put in sidewalks in Hidden Springs addition for the saftey of the school children.

20. School Safety for Arrow Springs Elementary

Requesting that the City of Broken Arrow repaint crosswalks in the following locations,Vicksburg & Birch, First st. & Vicksburg, Twinoaks & Birch, And South park & Birch. For Arrow Springs Elementary school, place larger school zone,/one way signs, and put in sidewalks in Hidden Springs addition for the saftey of the school children.

21. Sidewalk Addition to Havenner Road

Our neighborhood has seen many road improvements over the last two years, but one significant issue continues to haunt us all, -- the dangers for any pedestrian, both young and old. *Over 110,000 pedestrians are injured every year and many are even killed by automobiles. This carnage is attributable only in part to individual misjudgment -- a failure to "look both ways" as children are taught. These deaths an injuries are also the consequences of a transportation system gone badly wrong -- a system focused on making the streets safe for cars instead of making communities safe for people.

Indeed, people are 1.6 times more likely to get killed by a car while walking than they are to be shot and killed by a stranger with a gun.

An in fact our own neighborhood has had consistent trouble with speeders, hazardous driving and lack of accessible walkways. One neighbor was hit just a year ago and got seriously injured.
Two important points:
1)Senior Citizens Are At The Highest Risk and
account for 23 percent of all pedestrian
fatalities -
2)Most Fatalities Occur On Neighborhood Streets, More than half -- 55 percent -- of all pedestrian deaths by automobiles occur on neighborhood streets.
Let's take a step forward to gaining back our streets for those that want to walk, run, exercise, and enjoy our beautiful neighborhood. There are many attractions, such as the pond and the pool that are just not accessible to the average walker/family. Sidewalks can be the beginning to opening up ourselves to a new way of life in Fairfax Station.

22. More sidewalks in residential areas

We as disabled people and nondisabled people need to come together to get sidewalks installed in the areas where we live. I am in a wheelchair and was having to be in the street to get home from church one day last year and was hit by a car and was told that it was my fault so my lawyer dropped my case. So I would like to see that our city officials put sidewalks in our communities very quickly.