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I am a Colombian who now lives in Canada. I just wanted to make the fact that this country is in serious need of global help. I believe that Shakira (being Colombia's most popular entertainer globally) has the power and resources to take action in making Colombia's cry for help heard. I know there are things that are being done as we speak. I just want to make this country's problem an issue that must be dealt with. I would just like to see Shakira help make more of a difference not only through her music but her actions as well. It just seems to me that there could be so much more done, yet it does not appear that Shakira is taking any action to help her country in need.

This petition will hopefully reach Shakira who will take a bigger role in helping her own homeland, through her music and resources.

Please forward this message to friends and family members and urge them to sign the petition as well.

I encourage you to sign the following online petition for Shakira to recognize Colombia's call for help.

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