#Roads & Transport
National Express East Anglia
United Kingdom

There are only very limited secure bicycle storage facilities at Bishops Stortford station. The vast majority of the cycle bays are old fashioned types which grip only the wheel edge and do not allow the frame to be secured to modern standards. This has led to competition for a small number of locking points, such as the vertical supports of the bike shelters.

Cycles are not only being stolen because they are insecure, but also numerous arguments and friction are arising between cyclists and motorcyclists over obstruction caused by cyclists being forced to lock their bikes against the supports in the designated motorbike section.

This continuing situation is unacceptable, particularly as provision of proper locking points would not be disproportionately expensive.

We request National Express East Anglia to upgrade the bicycle storage facilities at Bishop's Stortford railway station to provide modern, secure locking points.

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