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United Kingdom

For years the British Legal System has operated effectively without intervention from Europe and without the interference of the Human Rights Act.

The Human Rights Act has inflicted more harm than good on the British Public. In recent months it has dictated that prisoners must be given the vote, prisoners are allowed to sue prisons for taking them off heroin to early and more recently murderers and rapists have been released early because not giving them a proper parole hearing infringed their human rights.

What about the law-abiding tax payer who has to stand by and see criminals walk free and their taxes used to pay out record sums of compensation to people who are in prison because they have no regard for the rights of others?

It is time to scrap the Human Rights Act and get back to 'our' system of law which has worked for hundreds of years and provided a model to other countries around the World.

It was announced today that the killer of Stephen Lawrence, a headmaster stabbed to death outside of his school cannot be deported back to his country of origin as it infringes the murderer's human rights.

The Human Rights Act has caused more harm to British Society than good. Criminals are being released early, are being given the vote and are suing prisons for infringements of their human rights.

For the sake of the rights of the general law-abiding public we the undersigned request that the government repeal the Human Rights Act and inject some common sense back into our legal system.

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