Australian Government

1. Forests are the only safe and reliable means of removing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. Protecting native forests is one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective ways to reduce greenhouse emissions.

2. Australia is taking a prominent role in international efforts to stop native forest degradation and destruction in neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. At the same time, Australian Governments are subsidising the destruction of Australia’s own forests for woodchips and, increasingly, to burn to generate electricity.

3. Under Australia’s climate change policy, logging of native forests is deemed carbon neutral and burning of native forest wood for electricity or processing into biofuels is classified as renewable energy.

4. Woodchip power emits more greenhouse gas than coal and undercuts genuine renewable energy such as wind and solar.

5. Without ongoing woodchipping of millions of tonnes of native forest each year there would be no “waste” to burn to generate electricity or make biofuels.

We, the under-signed, call on the Australian Government to:

1. protect native forests as an essential element of the fight against global warming by ending native forest logging and woodchipping;

2. remove all forms of native forest wood from the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target, and

3. ban the production of biofuels from native forest wood.

We also call on the Australian Government to ban the export of native forest woodchips and logs for burning or processing into biofuels.

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The Say No to Woodchip Power petition to Australian Government was written by South East Region Conservation Alliance and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.