#Children's Rights
Australian Art Community

Art Monthly magazine published an image of a six-year-old girl on its July cover to protest against the recent furore over similar pictures by artist Bill Henson.

Art Monthly editor Maurice O'Riordan said he hoped the edition would "validate nudity and childhood as subjects for art'' and restore some "dignity to the debate".

Dr Jolley, co-author of an article about Bill Henson in this month's Art Australia magazine, said the cover was deliberately provocative.

"It could be a provocation or it could be simply saying no we aren't going to preemptively buckle, we aren't going to let this small pressure group dictate what we can and can't show,'' he said. "We aren't going to let the tabloid media ... dictate what we can and can't show and we are not going to let politicians, who are always wanting to jump on populist bandwagons dictate what we can and can't show.''

This petition is to show to the government and the art world that it is the COMMUNITY who is saying NO to the use of naked images of children.

We, the undersigned, oppose the use of naked images of children being used in publicly displayed art and we call on the federal government to remove funding from any organisation that uses images of naked children in publications and/or displays.

We also ask the federal government to review the appropriate laws and make any changes neccessary to protect children from this exploitation.

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