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United Kingdom

We are extremely alarmed and angrily concerned about the fluoride that is being dumped in our water supply.

Fluoride is a known Toxin it has been identified as a toxin and is linked to various cancerous chemicals, studies have also shown that it does absolutely nothing for the teeth and gums and out of 1 in 3 children it's known to cause discoloration and irreversible damage to the teeth enamel.

In a major report written by the National Academy Of Sciences it states that toxic levels can lead to severe pitting of the teeth enamel in children. Fluoride can also build up in the bones to cause pain, stiff joints and skeletal abnormalities. Such findings are in alignment with not just a measly minority group of sceptics but is backed up by 600 world renowned scientists some of which have made their point and stated the obvious for the record in their professional opinion thus they made it very clear that any dosage of this vile chemical is inexcusable whether it is 1.5mm or 1.0 mm this is why most major bottled water companies such as Volvic and Evian do not dump fluoride in their water for their consumers. If it was so safe surely they would be placing fluoride in every single product.

We see this as criminally negligent and demand the immediate and complete removal of fluoride from our drinking water supply.

We, the undersigned call on the The Drinking Water Inspectorate, (DWI) the local authorities and the Government for the complete and safe removal of "Fluoride" from our drinking water supply.

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