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All donations to Savebabe.com will be used to help Animals Australia highlight the plight of this intelligent species.

Animals Australia firmly believes that the vast majority of Australians, once fully aware of the suffering of pigs in factory farms, will vote for change through the choices that they make. Informing them is crucial.

Our current advertisements and billboards which have assisted us to launch the savebabe.com campaign have been funded through the donations of caring Australians.

However, this is only the beginning - we need to reach every Australian.

In a recent edition of the British “Guardian Weekly” internationally renowned naturalist Lyall Watson commented about pigs, " I know of no other animals that are more consistently curious, more willing to explore new experiences, more ready to meet the world with open-mouthed enthusiasm".

Savebabe.com will work towards ensuring that these animals are provided with the world that they are meant to live in – not the one devoid of hope and sunshine that they currently endure in Australia.

Please sign this petition for the welfare of pigs and against cruelty.

Animals Australia believes that we, as individuals, have the right to support and purchase whatever we choose, but we also believe that those choices should be informed ones. Not made on the basis of secrets and lies ….

Secrets revealed...

In over 2,000 factory farms throughout Australia the worth of a female pig is determined by how many piglets she can produce each litter. She is allowed to ‘live’ for as long as her body can physically endure the demands of being kept continually pregnant and confined, standing with minimal movement on a hard floor.Females pigs in factory farms are treated as breeding machines. They endure a cycle of suffering and deprivation.

Their behavioural, mental and emotional needs are irrelevant. Exercise is not allowed.
Space means money. They exist to create profit.

Why are these pictures and information not on the Australian Pork Industry promotional website and in their public advertising campaigns?

Now you know what they don’t want you to know – and why they have resorted to butterflies, flowers and happy smiles. They know that their profits rest on keeping you ignorant.

Every one of us who cares about the plight of these animals has the power to end this barbaric method of ‘farming’ animals

How? This industry defends its practices on needing to meet the demand for their products from consumers.

The road to create change is clear. Next time you visit yoursupermarket please think deeply on your purchases.

Any pork products which have not been labelled free range or organic have been produced in an intensive facility.

Within your choices rests the power to make this world a kinder and more compassionate world – for them – and for us.

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