Los Angeles Unified School District Board
United States of America

The Los Angeles Unified School District wants to demolish important trees on the University High School campus, and the Undersigned urge them to consider other alternatives.

The trees in the Barrington parking lot of University High School have been allowed to grow peacefully and without interruption for nearly 50 years. Now, because of their roots slightly displacing the concrete, the LAUSD board believes that it would be best to cut all of them down because A) it's cheap and B) it's effective. Then they would replace the current trees with new saplings that would repeat the process all over again within 30 years. We, the undersigned, believe that the trees are important because they 1) protect the Classroom Building from streetnoise and heat, 2)they produce more oxygen for the campus, and 3) they are asthetically pleasing to those who inhabit the campus. We also believe that it would be far kinder and more cost efficient to 1) prune the roots underneath the concrete, 2) place in growth barriers against the roots, and 3) reapply the concrete after the process. Stop LAUSD from repeating the Balboa Island mistake--and save our trees!

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