Petition Tag - unified

1. Help Canyon High School gain control of heating and air conditioning, not the OUSD

Orange Unified School District needs to allow the high school to control their own air conditioning and heating needs.

2. Let Special Ed kids walk

We are trying to colelct as many signatures as is necessary to hand over to the BUSD board to make them allow Special Education kids walk and participate in their graduation/commencement exercises.

3. Dont Let "Mo" Go!

After 27 years of faithful service to the school the fremont unified school district is telling Thelma Russ that she has to go. Her mobile home is over 20 yrs old so it will be destroyed because fremont will not issue any permits to move or relocate a m.h. that old.

The option they gave her is to move to a district owned house that is substandard and she will have to pay $500.00+200+35+175.00 per month. Her SS is 700pm.

4. Improve OC Transpo

Since moving into the Ottawa/Carelton area eight years ago I have been forced to take the bus as an safe and healthy fashion but find the service substandard. This Petition is to go to OC Transpo in Ottawa to help them understand that their riders are not pleased with the constant bus delays, early arrivals, threats of strikes, and rate increases without some compensation.

Please be kind and sign this petition so that we can let OC Transpo know in one unified voice we are tired of their service standards set so low, and let them know that a powerful union cannot stand against the voice of a community any longer.


TUSD Board Members face the difficult task of selecting High School boundaries for the purpose of contining the excellence and integrity of the school district. The undersigned residents/attendees of the TUSD respectfully request that the Board respect the research, dilligence and integrity of the committee the Board comprised to determine the best means to CREATE THREE EXCELLENT HIGH SCHOOLS FOR TUSTIN UNIFIED. SELECT MAP B - thus enabling all three schools to thrive as equally as possible without unreasonable inconvenience to families of the TUSD. ALL students and families should be considered rather than the personal needs and wants of a select group. CREATE A LEGACY OF THREE GREAT HIGH SCHOOLS BY SELECTING MAP B.

6. Fence and Gate Repairs Needed at Waterford Middle School

We have concern about the fences, and gates in need of repairs at Waterford Middle School, particularly in the 5th and 6th grade classroom area. We are requesting the Waterford Unified School District, and or the City of Waterford to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible, to ensure the safety of our children.
Children are fighting, being pushed, climbing fences, and squeezing thru the fence.Teachers whom are opening the fences are trying to open the gate, but having difficulties passing thru all the children. Sometimes up 5-10 minutes after the bell has rung.

7. Save University High School's Trees!

The Los Angeles Unified School District wants to demolish important trees on the University High School campus, and the Undersigned urge them to consider other alternatives.