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Did you know that, in this country, that there are dog pounds that kill strays if they are not claimed after seven days? In fact, one dog is killed every hour by local authorities in this country.

Stray dogs are NOT always pure mean or vicious. Not all of them were abandoned or born as strays; some of them may have just been abused/neglected that no one else knew or cared about and they just ran away. Some of them may have even been bred as companions and they just got lost or stolen and hadn't had chance to bond with their people beforehand.

I used to walk dogs for a shelter. A lot of the ones that I walked there had been strays before coming in and at least some of them were absolutely lovely.

If a stray dog has had a home before, and been socialised and trained properly, there is about as much chance of someone being attacked by that one as there is of them being attacked by any other dog. Stray dogs are still part of the same "man's best friend" species; they just happen to be homeless, that's all.

There has even been at least one case of a stray dog protecting and caring for young kids. Do you really think that such a devoted hero is likely to attack anyone unless provoked?

A lot of people may tell you that, because they are not purebreds, they do not have equal rights. What a total load of nonsense. ANY dog of ANY breed or type can become a stray if, say, the owner dies and no one else who would want them knows about them.

Also, why don't mixed breeds matter as much as purebreds? Surely if you love dogs, that should include them as well? The quality of believing that pedigree dogs are superior to so-called "faulty mongrels" that can actually be just as good-tempered and obedient as any purebred reminds me of the qualities exhibited by the Nazis, i.e their belief that the pure German and Aryan races are superior to all others. Did you also know that the Nazis used to often be hateful to the people who not considered to be "pure" as well?
Stray dogs DO NOT need to be killed. All it would take would be for the UK Government to require everyone except licensed and fully-checked and approved breeders to spay/neuter their dogs and require all authority dog pounds to always at least try to put the dogs in rescue spaces instead of killing them once their seven days in there are up.

Spaying and neutering actually does more good than harm. It can help to prevent the animals in question from getting certain cancers such as that of the uterus and testis, and it can make them live longer.

We, the undersigned, ask that the UK government to do more to help stray dogs lead obedient, happy and healthy lives after their time in the pounds.

Stray dogs count as well.

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