Shenandoah University Administration
United States of America

For two years, the Shenandoah University Buzzin' Dozen Hornet Pep Band has been performing at Shenandoah Hornet Athletic events and other campus occasions (the Grand Marshall Parade of the Apple Blossom Festival, freshman orientation, pep rallies, etc). The band has increased attendance to these events, raised enthusiasm from both players and spectators alike, and performed fun-loving, upbeat music for all to enjoy.

On Thursday, Feb 4, the Pep Band was suspended indefinitely; and their director, graduate student Eric Price, was fired. This occurred after a humorous email from Price to the band was taken out of context and administrators were notified.

Price was not given any sort of warning, nor was he given any written notification of his termination. The band was notified in a email that failed to mention why it (the band) was being suspended.

We, the undersigned, call on Shenandoah University president Tracy Fitzsimmons to end the suspension of the Buzzin' Dozen Hornet Pep Band and ask for a reinstatement of its director, Eric Price.

While we realize that a punishment is justified for such an email, this suspension/termination seems overly severe and lacking in common sense.

The Save the Shenandoah Buzzin' Dozen Pep Band! petition to Shenandoah University Administration was written by Eric Price and is in the category Culture at GoPetition.