#Animal Rights
US Fish and Wildlife Service and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Wolves are predators who must eat at least some meat in order to survive. Their natural prey - elk, deer, rabbits and other wild animals - have been killed and scared away by humans, sometimes leaving them with little choice but to prey on cattle, sheep and other domesticated animals in order to survive. Despite this, however, the wolves of the Profanity Peak pack have been given the death penalty for preying on farm animals.

Some of these wolves have already been killed. The remaining wolves are in danger of being killed.

Farmers want to protect their domesticated animals, but humane alternatives to killing wolves exist, such as fladry. Fladry was used as part of a traditional wolf hunting method, and it is as if wolves have learned to associate its presence with members of their species being killed. As wolves often tend to avoid areas surrounded with fladry, it is used to protect domesticated farm animals.

I believe that ranchers are required to employ riders to protect their animals before lethal control will be used against wolves. However, I still feel that other humane alternatives should be used be used instead of lethal control of these wolves.

These wolves do not deserve to be killed just for acting on their instincts and hunting in order to survive. Please politely urge the farmers/ranchers to consider using fladry to ward off wolves instead of killing these poor animals...

We, the Undersigned, ask that the five remaining wolves be spared from being killed. We ask that they be allowed to live out happy, healthy and natural lives, safe from being killed by ranchers, farmers and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

We also ask that US Fish and Wildlife Service take action to protect the elk, deer, rabbits and other animals in the area, and that the US Fish and Wildlife Service politely urge all the farmers and ranchers in the area to try using fladry and/or other humane, painless deterrents to protect their animals from these wolves, and all other wolves in the area, as well as bears, coyotes, foxes, lynx, dogs and all other animals that may attack them.

Thank you.

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