#Animal Rights
United States of America

Since yard sale pages have started spreading on facebook, there has been more and more people breeding dogs to sell them on facebook pages to make profit. Most of these dogs end up abandoned. The humane societys, dog rescues and shelters are at an all time high and they are running out of space and funds, forcing them to euthanize unadopted dogs that deserve a chance at life.
It seems that today everyone is rushing to buy these "pure bred" pups on these pages for hundreds of dollars from people that doesn't even obtain a license to do so.
If we could stop facebook from allowing people to breed and sell without proof of a licence, or even stop selling dogs on facebook at all, It should increase the amount of adoptions and greatly decrease the amount of dogs being euthanized everyday.
I'm asking you to do your part, sign this petition to save lives!
I have also started a GoFundMe account, hoping to open up a new dog rescue in the Tri County area, If enough funds are not raised to do so, all donations will be equally divided and donated to the humanes society , shelters, and rescues of the Tri County area.


Can't donate? Its ok! Just the support of signing the petition and/or Shareing would make a great difference!

The people of Facebook are asking to ban all canine sales of all breeds on facebook pages to save lives and in hopes of lowering the percentage of canine breeding in the U.S , we believe this will help lower the amount of euthanized dogs throughout the U.S , We are looking to influence people to adopt dogs from animal shelters and rescues and It would be greatly appreciated if Facebook would support our love for all dogs as well.

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