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Save the pangolins

Pangolins are very unique and interesting creatures. But sadly they are the most trafficked animal in the world because humans are hunting them down for traditional medicine, meat and their scales. Please go to this link and watch the video created by WWF (world wildlife fund) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbEwqf8cxOw

Pangolins are found in Africa and Asia. Did you know when a pangolin is scared or threatened it rolls up into a ball? Up to 2.7 million pangolins are poached every year for their scales and meat. .An estimated 1 million pangolins were trafficked in the last ten years. Between 2011 and 2013, an estimated 116,990-233,980 pangolins were killed. If this cruelty continues one day pangolins will vanish from the Earth! And once an animal specie is extinct there is not bringing it back. Please help save these unique harmless gentle creatures who dont deserve to go through this kind of pain or torture. How we can help the pangolins
1Fund a pangolin PSA in Vietnam.
2 Support other worthy organisations.
3Petition Disney: Get a pangolin in an animated film! 2
4Spread the word: Help us make the pangolin popular
Sign this petition and help save the pangolins! Thank you so much

Please support WWAH (world wide animal help) sign this petition and help save these gentle and harmless creatures! Thank you on behalf of the pangolins(:

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